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Benecos Happy Nails Nail Polish 9 ml - You-Nique (U)

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Beneco's Happy Nails Nail Polish - You-Nique is a super nice nail polish in a beautiful and natural rosabrun color with a wonderful mother-of-pearl effect. This rich nail polish has an incredibly high covering capacity, while the wide brush gives a nice uniform and light application with only a few strokes. The advantage of this oxygen and water-permeable nail polish is that it consists of up to 90% natural ingredients, making it vegan-friendly, free of formaldehyde, camphor, rosin, phthalates, toluene, parabens, silicones and halons. A beautiful and nurturing nail polish enriched with avocado and biotin, which has softening and nourishing properties, and ensures a beautiful, long-lasting, and shiny result.


- Nail polish
- High coverage
- Easy to apply
- Wide brush
- Gives a consistent result
- Water and oxygen penetrating
- Consists of up to 90% natural ingredients
- Vegan friendly
- Without formaldehyde, camphor, rosin, phthalates, parabens, silicones and halons
- Pleasures
- Enriched with nourishing avocado and biotin
- Softening and nourishing
- Long-lasting
- Gives beautiful and shiny nails


- Clean the nails with a nail polish remover to remove grease, oil and dirt from the nails
- Apply a base coat to achieve a smooth and durable result
- Shake the bottle for 30 seconds before use
- Apply 1-2 thin coatings per coat. fingernail. To avoid streaks, keep the brush completely horizontal on the nail when painting

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