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Bare Minerals Claymates Mask Duo Be Bright & Be Firm 58 gr.

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Bare Minerals Claymates Mask Duo Be Bright & Be Firm is an innovative way to get the perfect care, in the form of two face masks in one. This means that the jar contains two different kinds of masks, which makes it possible to tailor the perfect face mask to your skin type. This mask is especially good for you with a tired and lifeless skin tone that wants to have renewed glow, as well as more elasticity in the skin. Both stitches contain mineral-rich clay and fruit extract that leave you with a more even and firm skin. Be bright mask is purple and has a nice exfoliating effect on the skin as it is enriched with pomegranate extract and papaya enzyme, which combined with each other gives a more even and brilliant skin. Be firm the mask is the green mask that has a comfortable and cool effect while stretching the skin. This is due to its rich content of green bowl and watermelon extract that promotes the skin's collagen, which increases the firmness of the skin. Indulge yourself and your skin with this personal face mask that will make your skin shine again and leave you feeling like being extraordinary to yourself.


- Innovative duo face mask
- Contains two stitches so you can make your own personal mask for optimal care
- Perfect for you who want a renewed glow, as well as more elasticity in the skin
- Both masks are rich in mineral-rich clay and fruit extracts
- Be bright mask is purple and has an exfoliating effect
- Be firm the mask is green and has a cooling and tightening effect
- High-level self-pity


- Apply the mask to a smooth layer with Bare Minerals Mask Smoothing Brush or with your fingers on dry skin
- Avoid eye area
- Both masks can be used where there is the most need for it in the face and can be used either after each other or in different areas at the same time
- Small Guide: Use the small mask for areas that need to be lighted a little, eg. the t-zone or the garden. Apply the green mask to the areas you wish to tighten, such as the cheeks and the jaw line
- Let the mask work for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water
- Can be used up to 3 times a week

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