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Benecos Natural Mono-Eyeshadow - Cosmic Moon (U)

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Benecos Natural Mono-Eyeshadow - Cosmic Moon is an amazing eye shadow in a beautiful and cold gray color with a discreet green undertone and a beautiful metallic finish. In addition to providing a long-lasting result, it is incredibly pigmented, which means that you get a beautiful and covering eye shadow with only a few strokes. In addition, with good conscience you can hit your beautiful eyes on a daily basis, which it is both ecologically certified. vegan friendly, natural, without parabens, mineral oils, silicone, peg, fragrance and preservation. A nourishing and silky eye shadow that is easy to apply and feels comfortable on the eyes.


- Eyeshadow
- Metallic finish
- Long-lasting
- Highly pigmented
- Covers with only a few strokes
- Eco-certified
- Vegan friendly
- Natural
- Without parabens, mineral oils, silicone, PEG, fragrance and preservation
- Nurturing
- Silky soft texture
- Easy to follow


- Apply to clean and dry skin
- Apply with wet or dry brush, depending on color intensity

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