Blax Hair Elastics - Clear 4 mm (8 pcs)

Blax Hair Elastics - Clear 4 mm (8 pcs)

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With BLAX hair elastics, you can put your hair day after day without the rubber band becomes slack. BLAX is gentle on the hair and makes sure the hair is perfect all day. Suitable for both children and adults. BLAX is made of recyclable plastic in one piece, without metal destroys the hair. There are many copies of BLAX elastic, but only a genuine.

Color: Genemsigtig
Size: 4 mm
Quantity: 8 pcs

Lasts forever
BLAX ® is made of a supple, recycled material in plastic with superior properties. The invisible hair elastics keep the same elasticity month after month, swim after swim. BLAX ® will never loose and relax in the warmth or brittle with cold. Because they are transparent, they are seen either in the hair or when you lose them. That's the only reason to buy new! Each envelope pack contains eight hair elastics.

Hairdresser The favorite
BLAX ® is gentle on the hair. They're safe where you put them and slides out - without filters, pull, pinch or pull a single strand of hair with. They are suitable for any hair dressing, since they are almost invisible. The unique characteristics that will BLAX ® belongs among the professionals and can be purchased from leading hairdressers.

Just one is real
When a product is brilliant, dolls copies up and BLAX ® has been imitated indefinitely. No copies will be near BLAX ® quality. Some are too small and too tight - they break or lose elasticity after a single time. Other break even at the smallest load, for example when they are pulled out of the wet hair. There is a sea of ??copies, but only one BLAX ®.

Which hair suits BLAX ®?
Once you have tried BLAX ®, you will never use anyone else hairband. Low-impact BLAX ® is a must for those who have thin and fine hair, and for those who have ponytail or put your hair up every day. The rubber band is indispensable for those who swimmer and coach you sweaty. No one who is hårsensitiv - child or adult - can do without. BLAX ® transforms a daily torment for a wonderful experience

Brand: Blax



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