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Bliss Naked Body Butter 200 ml (US)

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Bliss Naked Body Butter is a wonderful body butter, which is incredibly moisturizing and used in any Bliss Spa massages. This is a mega-moisturizer with shea butter and coconut oil that nourishes the skin completely without greasing. Bliss Naked Body Butter contains advanced antioxidants that protect and treat the skin. Sodium hyaluronate locks moisture for a soft, supple skin all day. Bliss' famous body butter formula is now available in an unscented version, so you can combine it with your favorite scent. Benefits: - Estimates body butter - Incredibly moisturizing - Use in all Bliss Spa Massager - Mega-moisturizer - Contains shea butter, coconut oil, advanced antioxidants and sodium hyaluronate - Unscented - Combines with your favorite scent Use: - Apply all over the body as needed

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