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Bliss The Youth Anti-Aging Moisture Cream 50 ml (US)

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Bliss The Youth Anti-Aging Moisture Cream is a multifunctional nutritious and nourishing moisturizer that visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines. This delicious softening and soothing cream smoothes skin texture and gives your skin a nice glow and natulig. Bliss The Youth Anti-Aging Moisture Cream has simultaneously with a firming effect which improves skin fashed and promotes the production of collagen. With this anti-aging help ensure a firm, moisturized and silky result. Benefits: - Multifunctional, nutritious and nourishing moisturizer - Reduces wrinkles and fine lines - Softens and smoothes skin texture - Gives a beautiful and natural glow to your face - Has a firming effect that improves skin firmness - Promotes the production of collagen - for a secured firm, moisturized and silky performance - Suitable for all skin types Use: - Apply to the face every morning after facial cleanser

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