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Active By Charlotte
Active By Charlotte
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Active By Charlotte Product Series for the Physically Active From "Balder of Steel to" Iron Will ": The woman behind Active City Charlotte is Charlotte Bircow, formerly Denmark's uncrowned fitness queen. She introduced among other things Norden for Spinning. Like she has been a first-time winner of the first Danish fitness centers and fiction instructors. She has made and sold a myriad of fitness videos and she is the author of several books on health. In addition, Charlotte Bircow is a lecturer and Lifestyle Coach. Overcome some awful years of cancer, Charlotte has naturally changed the focus from fitness to mental and physical health through healthy diet and peace of mind. Charlotte still loves to dare in sport, and the idea of ??Active City Charlotte comes in. Sports and exercise should be able to both enjoyed and felt without hurt. Get but effective products: Active City Charlotte is designed for athletes and athletes. The products for embolizes and remediates any skin genes where the skin becomes red, irritated and dizzy due to friction or sun. Charlotte has products for the cyclist, the swimmer and the runner. - There is Bikers Cream, which is for you who loves to ride a bike and wish to avoid wounding years after the long and sweaty cycling trips in the open or on the spin cycle. Bikers Cream is a creamy cream that lasts when you sweat and get wet. If you have been so unfortunate already to have been red or have a wound, you will soon heal by lubricating with Bikers Cream. - Please Go Away Pain provides a hot / cold analgesic relief to areas where you are aching or in pain: shoulders, knees, neck, back, loins, lay, ankles etc. The cream can be used before, during and after exercise or in everyday life where you feel soreness or pain. - Runners powder can remedy sour, spongy and sore toes with blisters when running, cycling, playing a ball, exercising or having a walk. The powder keeps your feet dry, odorless and ready for many hours of movement. - Take Care Spray is reddish or sore between your thighs, under the arms, at the brace, at the nipples, in the neck or elsewhere when we train or just move and get hot and sweaty. Spray on, butter a little and leave to sit. Take Care lays itself like a thin skin on the skin and counteracts friction genes. - Hot in the sun sunscreen and aftersun are suitable for active life and are waterproof, caring and protective. All in on: After her cancer illness, Charlotte Bircow is very aware of what she is giving her body, so it's probably not going to anyone that she's been excluded from omitting perfume and parabens. Acticve By Charlotte has been declared in collaboration with Asthma-Allergy Denmark as well as the products are ECO certified. Nicehair and Active City Charlotte: Nicehair wants to be Active City Charlotte, so you can of course buy her popular products from us. We have chosen to take in Charlottes series as we experience increasing interest in this kind of product. There are not really many in the market, so Active City Charlotte is welcome and needed for all the active athletes and athletes. Remember, we have quick delivery, helpful customer service staff and free delivery at self-procurement in our physical Nicebeauty stores in Esbjerg and Kolding. Active City Charlotte - For all of us who love to practice sports