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AHAVA Magnesuim Rich Deodorant Women 50 ml
18,20 €
16,00 €
Ahava Purifying Mud Mask 8 ml
2,70 €
AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate 30 ml
63,20 €
53,60 €

AHAVA - Mineral based skin care.

_AHAVA products are designed for any feminine and masculine skin type and for many different skin disorders - ranging from dry and particularly sensitive skin to various skin disorders, as well as inflammation and aging. AHAVA is also for those who just want to pamper your skin a little bit extra. mud and to bathe in the salt water. At the same time, she noticed that they often filled mud and sand in bottles to take home with them. Here, Ziva got the idea to make skin care products filled with minerals and nutrients from the Dead Sea. She therefore marketed her first product in 1988. The product was a body scrub made by the Dead Sea mud and sand. The company she called Dead Sea Laboratories, but the name was changed in the early 1990s to AHAVA, which means love in Hebrew. The name change was made in connection with the company trying to enter the US market. The big breakthrough, however, did not come until 2000, when Israeli business engineer Benjamin Gaon invaded more than 10 million dollars in the company. Today, AHAVA is represented worldwide.

Cause and effect:

The reason why tourists go to the Dead Sea is that

  • It contains rich amounts of minerals and nutrients that contribute to the healing, care and prevention of many different skin problems - such as Psoriasis , sun damage and aging signs.
  • Dead Sea treatments have the ability to strengthen our bones as the effective elements can penetrate deep into the body.
  • The Dead Sea Mud is said to have both a therapeutic and a healing effect, deepening and stimulating the skin.
  • The skin is supplied with moisture and softness, while being revatalized.
  • The minerals in the Dead Sea Salt Water, (Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium), help promote cell metabolism for the benefit of our immune system, such as cell renewal for the benefit of our skin's health and elasticity.

With Warranty:

Every decision made by AHAVA comes from a deep grounding and the utmost respect for its resources. The products can advantageously be used for particularly sensitive and sensitive skin. AHAVA warrants that their products are NOT tested on animals and that they are also road-based as they do NOT contain any animal ingredients. The products comply with strict allergy cover, as they are free of

  • Parabens, which can have an endocrine disrupting effect and are allergenic.
  • Sodium laurel sulfate, which can cause coughing, headache, respiratory distress, respiratory irritation, corneal inflammation, skin irritation.
  • Phathalates, which are endocrine disruptors and can lead to obesity.
  • Triclosan which is difficult to break down in nature and suspected of forming resistant bacteria in our bodies.

The manufacturing process reflects AHAVA's environmental awareness, for example, using the local flora to filter waste water, thus restoring clean water to their desert. In addition, the products are packaged in recycled packaging, so that, in this context, the greatest possible consideration is also given to nature. This is another expression of AHAVA's belief in a balance between nature and science.

Nicehair likes to swim in the Dead Sea:

At NiceBeauty we are interested in what our customers want. The biological and organic products have been the customers' favorite for many years, and so far, still - but in recent years the mineral-based skin care series have really made their way ... and with justification. The products from AHAVA have been carefully tested, and it has been proven that they have a healing and highly effective effect on especially skin-related challenges. That's exactly why AHAVA is on our shelves. We only want the best for our customers - and AHAVA is definitely one of the best skin care for your face, around your eyes, for your hands and for your body.