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American Crew
American Crew
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American Crew
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American Crew Fiber Grooming Foam 200 ml
24,80 €
15,80 €
American Crew Beard Foam Cleanser 70 ml
21,30 €
10,60 €
American Crew Fiber Cream 100 ml
24,80 €
11,80 €
American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade 85 gr.
24,80 €
11,90 €
American Crew Matte Styling Cream 100 ml
24,80 €
22,70 €
American Crew Beard Balm 60 gr.
21,30 €
14,60 €
Orofluido/American Crew Pumpe 1000 ml
5,40 €
4,00 €
American Crew Daily Shampoo 250 ml
18,60 €
11,90 €
American Crew Liquid Wax 150 ml
24,80 €
11,90 €
American Crew Daily Conditioner 250 ml
18,60 €
11,90 €
American Crew Superglue Gel 100 ml
24,80 €
11,90 €
American Crew Grooming Spray 250 ml
24,80 €
11,90 €
American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel 250 ml
24,80 €
11,90 €
American Crew Boost Powder 10 gr.
24,80 €
11,90 €
American Crew Classic Gray Shampoo 250 ml
18,60 €
11,90 €
American Crew Classic Body Wash 450 ml
21,30 €
11,90 €
American Crew Pomade Hair Wax 85 gr.
24,80 €
11,90 €
American Crew Molding Clay Hair Wax 85 gr.
24,80 €
11,90 €
American Crew Fiber Hair Wax 85 gr.
24,80 €
10,60 €

A brand entirely devoted to male hygiene is difficult to come by. American Crew is a unique exception that not only makes products for men, but doing it really well. Their mission is to bring men into salons and give them an experience they'll never forget and show them new ways to bring style into their everyday lives. Before barbers were not unusual but over time barbers who worked with men disappeared and got replaced with hairdressers and stylists who primarily focuses on women. American Crew are aware that the number of men who are interested in their looks and their own style is growing and that these men want to look good.

American Crew makes exclusive hair styling, hair care and skin care products for men. The products are tasteful, classy and always stays ahead of the latest trends. They offer salon products with high quality that fits into the modern lifestyle and the modern man. There is a wide range of products that are tailored for different types of situations, whether it is for everyday-use, if you are on the move, if you exercise a lot or just want something that is discrete and stylish.

American Crew has three different series - Style, Hair & Body Care, Shave. Style Series contains products related to styling - such as wax, paste, spray, gel and clays. At NiceBeauty you'll find the popular and best selling wax - American Crew Fiber. American Crew are not only best sellers but have also won several international prizes and awards for their products.
Hair & Body Care series includes perfume and personal hygiene products for both hair and body that focuses on treating specific "problems" such as curly hair, dandruff, gray hair, etc.
Shave series contains products that nourish and protect the skin before, during and after shaving.

American Crew is against animal testing and doesn't test products on animals.