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Australian Bodycare
Australian Bodycare
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Australian Bodycare ... Natural skincare for everyone.

_Australian Bodycare is a natural skin care series built around the 100% natural and active Australian Tea Tree Oil. The amazing oil has been known to be anti-inflammatory for more than 1000 years. Tea Tree Oil has fungicidal and bactericidal properties and helps the skin to restore the natural bacterial flora. In the many properties of Tea Tree Oil. For more than 30 years, the company has been providing problem-solving and uncompromising skincare with carefully selected natural, qualitative and active ingredients. Australian Bodycare is one of the leaders in problem-solving skin care, which has been their goal since its founding in 1992. Their vision is to help the Danes to a better quality of life.

Tree Tea Oil:

Tea tree Oil is nature's own weapon for overcoming various skin challenges. The effective Australian oil has been known by the Aboriginal natives for many generations. Tea Tree Oil is by far the strongest natural antiseptic we know of. It is so effective that even low concentrations of the oil can make a big positive difference to your skin. The essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree. The oil restores the bacterial flora of the skin and heals the skin without damaging normal cell and tissue growth. The content of more than 100 different active substances causes Tea Tree Oil to have a broad spectrum of medical effects on, among other things, pathogenic bacteria. This makes Tea Tree Oil extremely effective for many different skin and mucosal problems WITHOUT the harmful bacteria immediately becoming resistant to them. ## Intimate care: There may be various reasons for the bacterial flora in your intimate area to be disturbed. The imbalance typically occurs because the PH value rises and the problematic bacteria thereby get better conditions to develop the nuisance of the beneficial lactic acid bacteria that help keep the intimate area healthy and healthy. Below are some helpful tips on how to better avoid imbalance

  • Avoid excessive washing, but wash daily.
  • Use unscented intimate soap.
  • Use detergent without perfume for your underwear.
  • Avoid tight-fitting panties and trousers.
  • Please use cotton panties.
  • Change briefs often.
  • Possibly sleep completely without panties.
  • Limit the use of panty liners, bandages and tampons, especially the chlorine-bleached and perfumed.
  • Wipe your front and back after a toilet visit.
  • Use gentle and perfume-free products for intimate shaving.

Australian Bodycare has developed a gentle range of care for your intimate care, which also helps counteract red buds, redness and ingrown hair after shaving. Intimate care contains the beneficial lactic acid bacteria that maintain the natural PH value while soothing the skin. The products are also rich in vitamin C, which helps to increase the skin's resistance.

Healing Ground:

Melaleuca Alternifolia grows in a restricted, low-lying and spongy rainforest area in northeastern New South Wales, Australia. turning the lakes into antiseptic baths. The local Aborigines used the naturally healing water to cure various skin disorders, infections, bites, burns and wounds. Therefore, they called the area "Bundjalung" which means "Healing Ground".


Australian Bodycare is suitable for the whole family as the products, despite their broad spectrum properties, are very gentle on even the most sensitive skin. The products are dermatologically and clinically tested. They are vegan and 100% natural - totally WITHOUT parabens and other harmful additives. The active and healing effect of the articles can, through daily use, help you to achieve healthier skin in the long term. All the products are made from the best quality raw materials and are carefully dosed according to the challenges to be solved. ABC and NH: At NiceBeauty we are very excited about Australian Bodycare. Their products are effective and address a wide range of skin challenges that many people otherwise struggle with in life.

Australian Bodycare - A world of difference.