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Baby Foot
Baby Foot
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Baby Foot ### Products Baby Foot specializes in foot care. The bestseller is the foot mask. It consists of two plastic socks filled with a gel of active foot peeling ingredients according to a Japanese recipe. The recipe has been used by Baby Foot since 1997. If you follow the instructions on the package carefully, you will notice within 3 to 7 days that the skin peels off your feet. Therefore, it is recommended to use the treatment at a time when you are wearing socks. The entire treatment takes about 7-14 days. After the treatment, they have baby-soft skin on their feet. After that you only have to bathe your feet once or twice a week with a foot file - best followed by a foot cream. For this, Baby Foot has also developed an extremely effective foot cream. It contains shea butter which moisturizes and softens the skin. The cream is free from parabens and perfumes. It is enriched with vitamin E and natural antioxidants that regenerate the skin and counteract bad odors. You can also use foot creams other than Baby Foot creams. Note, however, that the cream contains no perfume or essential oils as the feet are very sensitive. The Baby Foot Easy Pack provides moisture to the feet. The treatment lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. As it is a care supplement, unfortunately it can not replace the baby foot scrub. ### The Japanese recipe The recipe consists of 17 natural extracts that work in their own way - alone and in conjunction. Fruit acid is the most important component of Baby Foot. It is gentler than other acids and also penetrates the hard skin. There it breaks down cell structures that hold the skin layers together. The skin can peel without being irritated. Some of the ingredients are antiseptic and cleansing, like Burrerod, Padderok and Sage. The latter actually means "healing". Other contents, like those of citrus fruits, are refreshing and provide energy. Contents such as chamomile and ivy soothe the skin. ## The Baby Foot Peeling Method Start with a foot bath without oils. Then dry your feet well. Cut off the plastic socks and tighten them. They are closed with the supplied adhesive tape. If necessary, you can pull cozy socks over it. Leave the socks for the recommended treatment time (about 1 hour). Rinse the product and dry your feet well - even between your toes. Wait a few days and the magic begins. Baby Foot - The Secret of Japanese Velvet Feet