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BaByliss makes tools designed and constructed for use by hairdressers which means they demand quality, efficiency and lifetime guarantee. To this day BaByliss has one of the widest selections of hairdressing tools including blow-dryers, straightening irons, curling irons, deep wavers, shavers, etc.

Since the birth of BaByliss they've seen themselves as one of the world leaders of hairstyling. The large selection has paved way for them and created great success. Their motto and tradition is based on the extensive knowledge and "know how" of the hair industry. There are few who can say that they never ever owned anything from Babyliss. Are you one of those? Well, this is the time to change that!

Babyliss 2stk. Gas Patroner (4580BE)
MSRP 11,70 €
Your price 10,30 €
Babyliss Airstyle 300W (2656E)
Your price 32,50 €
Babyliss Airstyle 300W (667E)
Your price 32,50 €
Babyliss Airstyle 800W (AS81E)
MSRP 52,00 €
Your price 46,70 €
Babyliss Cordless Gas Styler 19 mm (2583E) (U)
Your price 45,40 €
Babyliss Curl Secret Ionic Krøllejern Hvid (C1201E) (F)
MSRP 168,90 €
Your price 104,00 €
Babyliss Curler Keramisk Set (3021E)
Your price 91,00 €
Babyliss Curler Set Clip & Curl (RS100E)
MSRP 90,90 €
Your price 77,90 €
Babyliss Curler Set Volume & Curl (3060E)
MSRP 65,00 €
Your price 59,70 €
Babyliss Easy Curl Krøllejern Syl 13-25 mm (C20E)
MSRP 52,00 €
Your price 48,00 €
Babyliss Easy Waves Bølgejern (C260E)
MSRP 65,00 €
Your price 59,70 €
Babyliss Expert 2100W Føntørrer (D322E) - G
Your price 38,90 €
Babyliss Expert 2200 (D342E)
MSRP 45,50 €
Your price 41,50 €
Babyliss Expert 2300W Føntørrer (D362E)
MSRP 52,00 €
Your price 45,40 €
Babyliss For Men Hair Clipper (E781E)
MSRP 65,00 €
Your price 58,50 €
Babyliss For Men Hair- & Beard Trimmer Pro 45 (E951E)
MSRP 104,00 €
Your price 93,50 €
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