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Benefit ... amazing make-up products. Start with a smile: In 1976, the photomodels and twins, Jean and Jane Ford, had great ambitions to add smile to all girls lips. With a philosophy that laughter is the best makeup, they opened Face Place, a tiny little make-up store, located in the Mission District of San Francisco. Their turnover should only be 33 US dollars a day to run around. However, in the following years, it would prove that the success of the twin would exceed their expectations and perhaps others. After years of work with crazy ideas, as well as creating fun and innovative products with instant beauty-enhancing effect, the store changed its name to Benefit Cosmetics in 1990 and the address moved to the Henri Bendel Shopping Center in New York City. In 1997, Jean and Jane chose to cross the Atlantic and opened a department in Harrods, London. Princess Diana arrived surprisingly at the opening, and even though she stole the picture from Benefit's new department, her visit definitely benefited the company in the end. Benifit has also managed to create a unique concept in which you can transform your eyebrows in a relatively few minutes, highlighting your eyes. All eyes were aimed at Benefits and everyone was upset when Louis Vouitton and Moet Hennesy began to show interest in the small but successful business. LVMH is today Benefits parent organization, which in itself says incredibly much about the quality of the products. Benefits DNA: Benefit has a resolute and unique status in the beauty world. The company's mission is to turn the beauty principles on the head with innovative and immediate beauty solutions that also express their very special DNA through fun product names and creative packaging. Benefit customers continually inspire new unrivaled products, which tailor-made solutions solve everyday beauty challenges. Benefit finds it incredibly rewarding to give the girls self-confidence a boost so they feel more beautiful and more free. The legendary, sensitive and unique approach aims at showing that glamor fits all ... regardless of origin or style. This has helped to enchant the world-conscious women. Laughter and humor are key elements in Benefit's identity. But one thing that the company takes very seriously is the combination of the innovative dimension of formulas, product quality and ease of use. Benefest: Benefit has a manifesto that they renamed Benefesto ... found this manifest on their official US website and we have copypasted its American version as no-one can say it better than the inventors even .... We believe in WHISTLING WHILE YOU WORK IT ... and faking it 'to you make it. We believe in FAST & FABULOUS BEAUTY solutions ... and that glamor is GRABBING LIFE BY THE GIGGLES and not let go. We believe if at first you do not succeed, APPLY MORE LIPSTICK ... that SEXY gets you everywhere ... and if you can not be good, BE GORGEOUS. We believe LAUGHTER IS THE BEST COSMETIC! Nicehair with Benifit: is watching for Benefit's success and, of course, sells the fabulous products at favorable prices. Benefit Cosmetics has become one of the most successful make-up brands on record in record time. Several Benefits makeup products are found on the makeup artists' favorite list. Benefit is a cool and different brand designed with a retro and comic-like touch. Benefit favorites include the popular Benefit mascara's "They're Real", which provide amazing volume to the lashes, and even create confusion about the vibrator's authenticity. Significant is also the iconic and perhaps best primer ever, "The POREfessional Primer". Likewise, not forgetting the multifunctional baby and lip color "Benetint" and the matte bronzing powder "Hoola". The very modern trend of making a little extra of his eyebrows has also contributed to Benefit's huge success. They have developed a wide range of brown products, each adapted to specific needs. Click on the various Benefit products on, so you can judge who meets your wishes and needs. Our skilled customer service staff may be helpful if necessary. Benefit - Laughter is the best makeup!