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Bio-Oil Natural 200 ml
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Bio-Oil Natural 125 ml
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Bio-Oil Natural 60 ml
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Bio-Oil Gel 200 ml
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Bio-Oil Gel 100 ml
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Bio-Oil 200 ml
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Bio-Oil 125 ml
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Bio-Oil 60 ml
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Bio-Oil ... Specially developed oil for extra exposed skin. _Bio-Oil is a specialized oil without parabens that helps your skin to improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars, pigments, dryness, age signs, etc. The product is caring and lightly absorbent without fatigue. This causes the vitreous vitamins and plant extracts to be better and more easily absorbed in the skin and produce noticeable results. The source: German chemist, Dieter Beier, is part of the family behind the world-renowned and successful Oil of Olay products. Dieter, who lived in South Africa, bought in 1972 the South African distribution company, Union Swiss. He used his expertise to research and develop oil-based skin care products. This work subsequently poured into the development and launch of Bio-Oil in 1987. It was immediately the Swiss skin care series, Vitamol, which was the source of Dieter Beier's invention of Bio-Oil. Vitamol was one of the world's first vitamin-enhanced and best-selling skin care series and Dieter's own favorite cream. In the morning, plant oils were used to heal, improve, as well as relieve body and spirit. Chinese herbal practice occurred 4000 years ago, and the Greek Hippocrates, called "the father of medicine", was known to have used aromatherapy bath and scent massage. It was only in the early 20th century that emulsifiers were invented. These made it possible to mix water and oil into a cream. In the late 40's improvements were made in this technology, which had a major impact on the skin care industry. The cost of creme production was reduced significantly as the products could now be made with a higher percentage of water. This made skin care products suddenly available to other social teams than just the riches. The development of Bio-Oil was really a return to the sheer, undiluted origin of skin care. At the time when Bio-Oil was launched, the skin care industry was dominated by cosmetic creams and lotions. Bio-Oil was not an instant success, but Beier was persistent when he knew that oil was ideal for skin care. Unlike water based creams and lotions, an oil-based product creates an almost oxygen free environment for its active ingredients. Vitamins and other natural extracts can be retained in oil indefinitely and still their strength will be intact. This even without having to add preservatives. An oil-based product complements the skin's own natural oils. Bio-Oil has changed its appearance, but the product itself is composed in exactly the same way as Bio-Oil appeared in 1987. ### NEW PACKAGING - SAME FORM !!! Bio-Oil comes in NY wrapping, but with SAME useful ingredients, which of course are NOT tested on animals !!! Bio-Oils popularity is due to the fact that the nourishing and moisturizing oil is based on a unique combination of plant extracts, vitamins and nutritious oils. The key ingredients in Bio-Oil are ... - Vitamin A: Helps improve the appearance of skin texture and tone. - Vitamin E: Helps maintain a healthy skin that is protected from free radicals, causing skin damage and premature aging. Vitamin E also increases the moisture content of the skin, making it soft, smooth and smooth. - Calendula: Treats particularly sensitive, damaged or tanned skin. It reduces inflammation and can be used to fight less skin infections, rash and superficial irritation. - Lavender: Known to have moisturizing properties that provide soothing and calming benefits. Lavender oil is also a natural antiseptic agent. - Rosmarine: Helps to refresh and moisturize the skin. At the same time, Rosmarin also has calming properties and mild antiseptic effects. - Chamomile: An anti-inflammatory oil that provides relief and is soothing to the skin. It is especially beneficial for particularly sensitive skin. - PurCellin Oil: Reduces the thickness of the formulation and makes it even. The oil gets easier to apply and absorbs faster. Bio-Oil is therefore non-comedogenic, which means it does not clog the skin's pores. The special PurCellin Oil also works effectively against dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles. It ensures that the skin retains the elasticity. ### Approval and assessment: Bio-Oil has undergone strict safety assessments in accordance with the European Parliament's provisions and various directives on cosmetic products. The toxicological profile, chemical structure, inclusion rate and overall daily exposure level of the ingredients used have been assessed and found safe for use ... also for pregnant women. Bio-Oil is also a member of Beauty Without Cruelty International. ## Precautions! - Do not use open wounds as the oil is a hinge and prevents the healing process. - In case of skin irritation, discontinue use. - Only use a little oil as it is very dry. - Avoid contact with eyes. If Bio-Oil comes into contact, rinse thoroughly with water. - Keep out of reach of children. - Keep cool and away from direct sunlight to prevent rancidity. - Bio-Oil does not contain sun protection factor. - Sun protection products must be applied only when Bio-Oil is fully absorbed by your skin. ## Uses and Application Tips: Bio-Oil is a great skin care oil that is especially good for you who want to do something extra for your skin. The oil is suitable for the delicate skin of the face as it is allergy-resistant and therefore suitable for use on particularly sensitive skin. Bio-Oil is, as a rule, developed for specific focus areas, such as skin care of ... - Ar: Ar is an integral part of the wound healing process and occurs due to an overproduction of collagen in the wound area. Ar is undergoing numerous changes while maturing. They are permanent and can therefore never be removed completely. Bio-Oil helps minimize the visibility of both new scars and old scars. Bio-Oil is massaged in circular motion into the scar twice a day for at least 3 months. In new years, Bio-Oil must be used only when the wound is healed and should not be applied to damaged skin. The oil is drunk, so just use your fingertips to massage the scar, and you will see results after only a few weeks. - Stretch marks: When the body expands faster than the skin layer, cracks appear in the skin. These cracks can be seen on the skin's surface, as stretch marks. The likelihood of developing stretch marks varies depending on skin type, breed, age, diet and skin's hydration level. Pregnant, bodybuilders, youngsters in fast-growing periods, as well as people who experience rapid weight gain, are among those who are most likely to form stretch marks. Stretch marks are permanent and although Bio-Oil is formulated to help improve their appearance, the product can never remove them completely. BioOil is massaged in circular motion into the stretch marks twice daily for at least 3 months. During pregnancy, it should be used from the start of the second trimester in areas that are particularly prone to stretch marks, such as stomach, chest, lower back, hips, buttocks and thighs. Use a gentle pressure from your fingertips. Apply Bio-Oil all over the stomach and massage the oil into upward movements toward the navel and outward towards your hips. Then repeat the massage with Bio-Oil in the opposite direction. Take good time so that the oil gets well absorbed in the skin and you get stimulated blood circulation. - Uneven skin tones: Uneven skin nuances and pigmentation occur when the body's production of melanin varies from place to place. This can be triggered by external causes, such as excessive sunburn and hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy, menopause or the use of birth control pills. - Age sign: Bio-Oil contains several ingredients that help soften, reducing the appearance of wrinkled skin. Use the oil a couple of times a week, massage gently and await absorption. - Other skin disorders: Bio-Oil is also crazy for dry and unclean skin or acne. The procedure is the same as for example by age signs and pigmentation. You can also use your Bio-Oil as a bath oil or make it a body scrub by mixing it with, for example, salt to remove dead skin cells while in the bath. Bio-Oil is also ideal as a soothing after-sun treatment. ## Sum Summarum: For the best effect, we recommend that you do not mix Bio-Oil with your other skin care products. Therefore, allow the oil to penetrate and work in the skin for a few minutes before supplementing with other products. Use the oil 2-3 times a week. Bio-Oil can thus ... - Improve the appearance and clarity of new or old years. - Prevent stretch marks when you are pregnant and have general weight gain. - Reduce the clarity of uneven skin tones and pigment changes. - Help smooth aging skin on both face, throat and chest. - Strengthen and moisten dehydrated and dry skin. - Remove skin impurities and reduce acne. BioOil complements the skin's natural oil layer and helps restore its barrier function to moisture retention and makes the skin resistant. The results will vary from person to person. ### NiceHair Loves Bio-Oil: is fond of products that live up to what they promise. It's a serious issue when a product receives more than 350 prices in less than 20 years. We find it hard to find a skin care product that can actually beat such a reward. At NiceHair we strive to deliver the product on several levels. Like Bio-Oil, we hold what we promise. We aim to be the best. We listen to and act on YOUR wishes and needs. Many have sought Bio-Oil, so it is now among the products in our range. Bio-Oil - Fades Scars And Stretchmarks, But Not Your Beauty !!!