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Bliss Softening Socks 50 uses (US)
54,90 €
49,40 €
Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream 75 ml (US)
20,10 €
18,60 €
Bliss Glamour Gloves (US)
54,90 €
43,90 €
Bliss Foot Patrol 75 ml (US)
20,10 €
18,60 €
Bliss Naked Body Butter 200 ml (US)
31,50 €
25,20 €
Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Scrub 340 gr. (US)
38,80 €
34,70 €
Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub 14 gr. (US)
20,10 €
16,10 €
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FatGirlSlim Firming Cream 170,5 gr.
38,80 €
34,70 €
Bliss FatGirl Sixpack 145 ml (US)
39,50 €
31,60 €
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Bliss The Love Handler 250 ml (US)
38,80 €
31,10 €
Bliss FatGirl Slimulator (U)
23,40 €
21,30 €
Bliss FatGirlSlim ArmCandy 125 ml (US)
39,50 €
36,00 €
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Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads 50 Stk (US)
38,70 €
33,30 €
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Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter 200 ml (US)
31,50 €
25,20 €
Bliss Multi-'face'-eted (US)
12,00 €
10,60 €
Bliss Multi-'face'-eted 65 gr. (US)
50,20 €
40,20 €
Bliss That's Incredi-'Peel' 30 pads (US)
52,90 €
42,30 €
Bliss Fabulips Kit (US)
48,20 €
43,40 €

Bliss Bliss is a professional spa brand from New York who now finally have come to Denmark! Bliss skincare is known for its efficient product lines, among other Fatgirlslim, Fabulous and Triple Oxygen , which is loved by women worldwide for its positive results. Bliss believes and believes in happiness a result of overall well-being and lifestyle we choose to have. Since their start, the Bliss been innovative and rethought the whole spa experience, which shook the rest of the spa world. But today they are one of the førrede in spa treatment lines and skin care products. There is solid research behind the brand, and this combined with experience from the spa world means that Bliss is constantly developing new innovative produkter. "After a million massages, a trillion Triple Oxygen Treatments and about a trillion Brazilian adhesions, we have learned a thing or two - and our passion is to provide "glow-how" to you. We have found a way to pack the perfect facial and the wondrous body treatment in so you can get professional results at home too! Range is full of advanced, efficient and fantastic home-spa products for body and face. Bliss is here to make you feel full "spa-tacular". Since 1996, when Bliss started a spa revolution with its first spa in New York, the brand has offered exciting and effective products that are always twisted with Bliss delightful humor. Bliss treatments quickly became so popular and famous that they haved up to 6-month waiting lists. it was then they decided that it was time to share the great products to the rest of the world. Today Bliss exploded from the first New York spa for shops and a span over the world. From Hollywood to Hong Kong, Boston to Barcelona, ??Los Angeles to London and Soho to Sweden. Bliss continues to create and develop new problem-solving skin care products. FATGIRLSLIM Their bestsllerserie consists of creams and tools to tighten and smooth the skin. With advanced ingredients that increase circulation and combustion. Bliss recommend that you combine Fat Girl Slim products with a balanced diet and regular exercise, for a softer and smoother skin. TRIPLE OXYGEN Bliss' Triple Oxygen skincare collection uses iltteknologi, antioxidants and vitamin C to treat and care for your skin. Products in Triple Oxygen series gives your skin radiance and glow. Oxygen is essential for cell metabolism, but over the years reduces oxygen drastically, causing the skin to become tired and dull. "Glow-how" and Triple Oxygen products are also packed with vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the skin so that it becomes more moist and full of energy and brilliance. FABULOUS It all started with the popular bestseller Fabulous Foaming Face Wash. Fabulous series is suitable for all skin types. The products are for daily use and provides plenty of moisture and nutrients to your skin so that it looks healthy, fresh and absolutely "fabulous" out.