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If you are not afraid to get a self-tapping, which gives a good color, then it is the right choice. This innovative self-tuner series is nothing short of amazing, and the products have quickly become extremely popular in Denmark. It is a series of delicious mousses, most of all reminiscent of a chocolate mousse, and they are super delicious and very easy to spread on the skin. They make a super-soft, soft application glove that guarantees no perfect streaking - every time! As the first in the world, b.tan has developed a self-adhesive mousse that only has to sit on the skin for 9 minutes before it is washed away, which is the perfect choice if you are not the big self-queen or do not have the time to let it seems longer. In addition to the delicious mousses, there are also two body lotions with a bit of self-tapping, which gradually gives a nice tan color and is perfect for use after a trip south to keep the tan tan straight. If you are a hardcore self-breeder user, there is a semi-pro home-based home-based machine. It gives an airbrush similar effect, as you know from a professional treatment in a salon. There are large sizes of self tanks in different colors for the machine. A sheet of stickers is included to personalize your self-propelled machine. No ugly self-burning odor, thanks! Some of the things that are important to you are that the products must not smell of anything. Many people are discouraged using self-tanning, because a lot of people have tried to get self-tanning, and there is a very distinctive fragrance of self-tanning, which is certainly not comfortable. It's not going to happen with the other products, because they are completely fragrance free so you can use the products without the fear of getting smelly by self-brothers. How do self-tanning work? Only the dead skin cells in the top skin layer are stained and these skin cells are rejected and worn off within 4-6 days. Therefore, dyeing is also only temporary until skin cells are replaced by "new" dead skin cells. When the DHA in the self-tanning product hits the protein in the dead skin cell, it dyees the skin cell. The self-tan color lasts for approx. 4-6 days depending on lifestyle, bathing, body care and sports habits. Self-tapping for all skin tones Whether you're a hardcore self-tuner or a beginner with a bright skin tone, there's plenty of opportunity to find your perfect match among these beautiful products. The good thing about the products is that they should be washed by the skin, so when you think the skin has the right color, just rinse it off and you have the desired color. This allows you to easily follow how the color evolves and can help control how dark it will be. All the products are: - 100% natural ingredients - Parabenefri - Vegan