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Chloé Rose Tangerine EDT 30 ml
61,90 €
Chloé Rose Tangerine EDT 50 ml
88,10 €
Chloé Rose Tangerine EDT 75 ml
106,90 €
Chloé Nomade Absolu EDP 30 ml
74,00 €
Chloé Nomade Absolu EDP 50 ml
106,20 €
Chloé Nomade Absolu EDP 75 ml
127,80 €
Chloé L'Eau For Her EDT 50 ml
86,10 €
Chloé L'Eau For Her EDT 100 ml
80,60 €
Chloé Nomade For Her EDT 75 ml
106,90 €
Chloé Nomade For Her EDT 50 ml
88,10 €
Chloé Nomade For Her EDT 30 ml
61,90 €
Chloé Nomade For Her EDP 30 ml
67,90 €
Chloé Nomade For Her EDP 50 ml
67,10 €
Chloé Nomade For Her EDP 75 ml
118,30 €
Chloé Love Story EDT 30 ml
60,50 €
Chloé Love Story EDT 75 ml
106,90 €
Chloé Love Story EDP 75 ml
80,60 €
Chloé Signature EDP 30 ml
51,00 €
Chloé Signature EDP 75 ml
116,30 €
Chloé Love Story EDP 30 ml
66,60 €
Chloé Love Story EDP 50 ml
67,10 €
Chloé Signature EDP 50 ml
73,80 €

Classic French and seductive design from fashion and fragrances. ### From the outset: - Chloe is a French fashion house founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion. A young Egyptian woman from Alexandria, who traveled to Paris in 1945 with her husband, Philippe Aghion. - She had discovered the lack of Ready-to-Wear fashion world, with only the focus was on the very fine Haute Couture designs. Many could not afford the expensive designer clothes, so Gaby's Ready-to-Wear collections came at a really good time, as the first fashion house that designed the type of clothing. - The first collection was presented at the popular Café Le Flore, which was much visited by various artists. - Gaby and her partner, Jacques Lenoire, employees talented young designer sprouts, as they were confident enough should be able to make a name in the future. There were blown on the traditions of the rest of the world designs and instead focused much that the clothes would make the users body-conscious and give them great freedom of movement. - The clothing was an easy, elegant and casual style made of high quality and with nice little touches. Gaby's seamstress was previously Haute Couture seamstress, so she was able to give the clothes a luxurious touch, however, was to pay off. The collection was very popular and reached a wider consumer audience than Haute Couture did. - 1957 was the year when Chloe held its first fashion show with a spring / summer collection, which at the same time was youthful and soulful. - A tradition was begun in the appointment of the young designer, Gerard Pipart, in 1958. All Chloe collections were for many years onwards named alphabetically, which continued right up to 1987. The tradition was, however, resumed in 2012, when Claire Wright led accessorie -kollektionen. - Many talented designers over the years have been with Chloe ... the best known is probably Karl Lagerfeld. All they managed to take Chloe to new heights by bringing the traditional classic a hint of something new and interesting. - In 1974 was Chloe's features more clearly than ever ... fashion that gave a fluent and liberating movement with a twist of the masculine wardrobe created by easy and seductive silk summer, as well as soft and smooth wool in winter. - Chloe's first fragrance came in 1975 ... It was flowery and feminine ... It's been a few different scents ago. - Fremtil today has Chloe managed to keep up with developments by using the world as his playground and by daring to stand out. ### Chloe's Alphabet: - It is not just Chloe's various collections that have an alphabet ... The company has an alphabet filled with important keywords that describe the company's spirit, vision and values. Below is a selection thereof chosen from the brand's name. C: Confident - Gaby wanted to brand should radiate life and strength combined with CONFIDENCE and independence. H: HAPPY - "Have a happy spirit and make people happy" ... It is the spirit of Chloe-house, which spreads heat, light and positivity among staff. L: LIGHT - The warmth of the world LIGHT should be integrated into Chloe's designs. O: Optimistic - Chloe's women's carefree, smiling and youthful with a OPTIMISTIC approach to life. Ê: EFFORTLESS - Chloe's view of women is to be authentic without being an artificial decorated canvas for ideas of others. The clothes worn instead with elegance and a relaxed confidence and without EFFORT. ### Chloe fragrances at - On NiceHairs stock is Chloe fragrances with uforgelmmelig essence of seduction and freedom, surrounded by love and romance in the form of beautiful bottles, which are often characterized by the classic fluted glass with a small band. - Look into and find the Chloe product that appeals to you most. Should it be Eau de Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Body Lotion and / or Deodorant ??? CHLOE - Pure feminine elegance