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Clinique started with a newspaper article in American Vogue with the title "Can Great Skin be Created?". Evelyn Lauder read it and brought it to her mother in law Estée's attention. Together, they chose to go ahead with the article and see if they could make something of it. The authors of the article, Dr. Norman Orentreich and Carol Phillips, were called in and together they created Clinique - the world's first hypo-allergenic and dermatologically run series that were sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, with Evelyn Lauder at the front line. As an executive and member of the Lauder family, she created the products and the brand. It was also she who first used the white lab coat which today is so associated with the sellers of Clinique.

All products by Clinique is hypo-allergenic which means they're not using any known allergens and every product is tested 12 times on 600 people. If a single person has a reaction to the product, it's thrown out and the work for the perfect product is yet again begun. The products are also 100% unscented because perfumes can cause allergic reactions. Irritations that occurs during an allergic shock can weaken the skin over time and create wrinkles and roughness.

The question most people ask is - can great skin be created?
Yes, says Clinique.
Dr. Norman Orentreich was and is still one of the world's foremost dermatologists. He's been working with the 3-step program that is said to create stunning results; 1. Clean with Facial Soap. 2. Exfoliate with Clarifying Lotion and step 3. Moisturize the skin with Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.
At NiceBeauty you can buy this 3-step program in various forms to suit your complexions. We also have other skin care and make up products that'll help your skin feel good, including the Sunday Times Beauty Awards and Allure Magazine's award-winning eye cream All About Eyes that reduces dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. We've got Clinique products for both women and men.