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COOHÈ Beauty and nourishing face masks Harmony: COOHÉ is based on an oriental skin care philosophy where the mind is spreading the natural healing power through carefully selected and specially processed herbs and ingredients. COOH is convinced that a lot of natural ingredients can give our skin an extraordinary effect, glow and health. The contents of the different masks are therefore carefully selected and targeted specific purposes. COOHÈ does not test their products on animals and none of the products contain animal ingredients. The environmentally friendly and paraben-free products are tested in accordance with EU regulations. Coohé believes that beauty comes from within through the balance of both body and soul. It is important at times to be able to relax and relax from chores and duties. COOHÉ has ??been dedicated and eager to provide you with quality skin care products that booster your skin and give you rest for self-pampering. Turn on candles, listen to relaxing music, close your eyes and let COOH's face mask work with your skin. Internal and external balance creates harmony. Harmony is one of the key keywords for COOHÈ Each cause has a specific effect and each effect has a similar cause. In order to understand East's mystery, mindset and way of life, it is important to understand what and where this comes from. The East and the West in a Beautiful Society: Ai Fang grew up in China, from which her love of Chinese herbal medicine originated. As a child, she was inspired by her mother who emphasized and had a great deal of confidence in herbal medicines. Ai's mother taught her a lot about the natural herbs and plants, their unique healing powers and their different energies. Herbs have always been a part of Ai's childhood. Her family used herbs in medicine, in cooking and as natural skin care products, for that reason, Ai is convinced that herbs can solve any challenge your skin or body might even face ... both outside and inside challenges. Ai took her passion for herbs when she moved to Denmark in 2006. The more cool and windy climate in Denmark affected Ai's skin. She saw that the skin became very dry skin and she got acne. She wanted to find a face mask that could remedy these skin problems, but she could not find any masks with natural ingredients on the market. This inspired Ai to develop his own face masks. She united with her friend, Laurie Ho. The two women set themselves up to create beauty masks with natural, simple and clean ingredients for both women and men. They created the brand COOHÉ, which means something like "cosmetics in harmony with nature". The name is composed of words from both English and Chinese. CO stands for Cosmetic, O is for Origin and HE means Harmony in Chinese. Yin and Yang: Yin and Yang are symbolic concepts on our body's two polarizing energies, which alternately alternate alternately. A harmonious equilibrium between Yin and Yang means health and harmony between body and soul. A disturbed equilibrium always causes symptoms or diseases at some level. Yin and Yang, the feminine principle and the masculine principle, fill in a circle where the black and feminine half of the circle is Yin and the white and masculine half of the circle is Yang. Yang is produced as light and represents the day, heat, sun, summer, life, right side of the body and inhalation. Yin is dark, night, cold, winter, death, left side of the body and exhale. Yin and yang are two contradictions that can never exist without their opposition, and this is symbolized by the fact that in Yin's dark part there is a small light part of yang, and conversely, it is in Yang's bright part in a small dark part of yin. In every dark there is light and every ending means the beginning of something new. Similarly, disease and health are also not isolated and opposite phenomena, but an expression of a relationship between Yin and Yang. Magic for the skin: COOH has made heart and soul in creating face masks that are designed to be easy, comfortable and effective ... while helping to create harmony. Ingredients are found around the world and they are composed in such a way that your skin is applied and processed in an efficient and safe way. COOHÈ believes that herbs and plants are spiritual. Each plant - every single grass stream - has a unique medical power and energy. COOH follows proud traditional oriental skin care philosophies and has developed recipes for herbal remedies made from the cleanest ingredients. Emphasis is placed on health and balance combined with modern skin care technologies that are designed to make your skin healthier, more resistant and more beautiful. The masks are made of 100% Lyocell plant fibers and are designed to fit perfectly with any face shape. They contain a serum that is suitable for all skin types. When using a COOH face mask, the skin's pores are forced to slowly open. This allows the water and essentials to penetrate into the skin, making the skin soft, moist and healthy. The masks have a certain cleaning effect. This in favor of elimination of environmental impact, residues from creams and make-up, dead skin cells, as well as excess fat from the skin. At the same time, the masks allow the skin to balance, among other things, by the effect of the nutrient ingredients and the subsequent increased metabolism. COOHÈ and At you can also buy COOHÈ's amazing Detox and Hydrating masks. Click on the individual masks at for more information about application, content and effect. Remember, we have fast delivery and lots of great deals, where you can often get free shipping with you. COOHÈ - Experience the Power of Plants