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Depot The Male Tools & Co.
Depot The Male Tools & Co.
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Depot The Paint Tools & Co. is an Italian brand that has the men in focus. The shelves for the men soigneringstraditioner with a comprehensive and advanced concept. The products are at once sophisticated, yet simple and targeted products, all of which are modern must-haves based on traditional recipes for: Genuine classics that are updated to the modern man as we know him today. In recent years we have seen that many men return to the classic virtues with shaving in the salons, and generally we can see that they make different demands on both hairstyles, but also the total look, and with this came the idea to unite the old with the new. That's why Depot a complete line of men's products that not only meet the changing market for men, but also made to fit their needs. As they call it, then it is a product line for the well groomed and demanding man who put professionalism first. There is a strong emphasis on all products in the series, and there are thought much about that, even though many men do not go much into what products they use, then they must take into account the different needs and factors. Eg. they say about shampoo: "The cleaning of the hair is a movement that follows us throughout our lives, and to protect the health of both the hair, scalp and skin. Especially for us men it is very important, both for the way we clean and the frequency of it. These two factors are extremely important because the genes habits and metabolism we require attention exclusively to our gender. genetically speaking, we namely higher probability of losing hair so that it keep the scalp clean and fat balance intact is very important. Many things such as low metabolism, poor food, intense sports activity or other work that makes you sweat a lot or irregular lifestyle, helping to make that to use specific cleaning products for hair " not only hair products: in addition to men of course need to nurture and take care of their hair on the head, then the beard also had a renaissance, and you see why more and more brands make products specifically for beard. Depot is obviously the wave, and therefore also a series that is specifically for the beard, both before, during and after shaving. So here we all are dealing with a complete line for men, with everything they need for both hair and beard, and here we are talking both about care and styling for both beard and hair. Great design The immediate reaction in virtually all employees of was: "Hold up a cool design." So we can certainly say that it has gone straight in with us, and we are confident that this brand enough to be a great success with our customers. We are certainly enormously proud to present these wonderful products!