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Divaderme International and innovative products for lashes and brows 100% natural: Divadermes formulas contain the most beneficial extracts of nature that provide unsurpassed results. The entire product line is supplied with 100% natural skin-friendly ingredients and contains absolutely no artificial or chemical additives. It is the perfect fusion of problem solving and sumptuous treatment. Divaderme meets the needs of those who, among other things, yearn for brilliant natural skin care, flawless makeup, rich lashes and perfectly shaped eyebrows. The use of cellulose fibers ensures and increases both the length and amount of lashes and brows in a safe and natural way. The products are based on: - 50% plants. - 30% minerals. - 20% herbal extracts. Contents and Features: Unlike traditional cosmetic formulas, Divaderme contains plants, herbal extracts and minerals that help to repair the skin together, relieve irritation, improve color, cover gray hair, reduce hair loss and help healthy production of lashes and brows. All this makes Divaderme the undisputed choice for the world's most quality conscious consumers. Natural cellulosic fibers create texture and dimension on sparse or non-existent brows. - Fills, colors and shapes your brows in seconds. Absolutely without the need for templates - Semi-permanent and long-lasting color derived from highly pigmented and natural Italian mineral clay from the Italian archipelago - Cover gray hair - Perfect for women as well as men Lecithin, Aloe Barbadensis and Panthenol occur naturally in living things. They improve dry and dull skin, which makes the skin appear smooth and smooth. Panthenol also strengthens the hair's fullness, shine and texture. Boswellia Serrata is the Indian version of incense that can both strengthen hair roots, reduce hair loss, and improve skin condition. Tocopherol is similar to Vitamin E and helps keep the follicles healthy and more prolific. Panax Quinquefolius Extract is also called American ginseng. It may have a stressful, anti-inflammatory and potentiating effect. Ocimum Basilicum Extract, also known as Sweet Basil Extract, inhibits any hair loss. Italian descent: Divaderme is a company of international character, which for over 3 decades has produced natural beauty products for professional cosmetologists and makeup artists worldwide. The company was founded by the Italian and self-proclaimed make-up fanatic, Noreen Leuzzi. She is from a strong-banded family that is linked by visionary and innovative inventors, chemists and artists, all of whom have managed the art of cooperation in favor of the development of Divaderme, where only the finest ingredients in nature are at stake. The amazing products are the first of their kind and Divaderme has been very successful with its products in more than 30 countries worldwide. A Real Diva: Diva is the Italian word for DIVINE and was originally used for celebrated celebrities, such as opera singers and actresses with an outstanding singing talent and star status. Today, the word is most often used in conjunction with people who have a jarged behavior, which has given the word a negatively charged meaning and nothing has to do with a real DIVA. rolls with a Diva: Divaderme is of course part of the range at The eyes are the mirror of the soul and when there is a natural and amazing product that can hit your eyes beautifully, is on the spot to offer you the best. Click on the individual products and read more about their different properties. In case of doubt or anything else, please contact our great customer service staff or search for tips and instructions at our beauty magazine. Divaderme - Divine Skin