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E+46 Elements From Sweden
E+46 Elements From Sweden
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E+46 Rough Wax 100 ml
24,10 €
22,70 €
E+46 Curl Cream 100 ml
24,10 €
21,40 €
E+46 Matte Clay Wax 100 ml
24,10 €
16,00 €
E+46 Shaper Wax 100 ml
24,10 €
16,00 €
E+46 Xtreme Fiber Wax 100 ml
24,10 €
16,00 €
E+46 Beach Spray 150 ml
22,70 €
16,00 €
E+46 Hair Spray Strong Hold 300 ml
22,70 €
16,00 €
E+46 Moisture Treatment 200 ml
22,70 €
16,00 €
E+46 Colour Conditioner 250 ml
22,70 €
14,50 €
E+46 Colour Shampoo 300 ml
22,70 €
14,50 €
E+46 Moisture Conditioner 250 ml
22,70 €
16,70 €
E+46 Volume Conditioner 250 ml
22,70 €
13,20 €
E+46 Classic Paste 100 ml
24,10 €
16,00 €

Swedish Qualitative Hair Care Swedish Country Code: E + 46 is from Sweden and has its headquarters in Stockholm. The brand name is composed of E for Elements and Sweden's country code +46, as when you make a call to the Swedish. The fire, which is modern and innovative, is produced on the basis of strict Swedish requirements, high standards and respectful values, which contributes to an extremely sustainable quality. Confident in the quality of the products, the products are actually worth paying off. No unnecessary resources have been used, so prices can be kept down. E + 46 follows the trends of the time and ensures that the future needs of the conscious customers are met. Color and speech modes: The design is youthful and simple with contemporary and smart color palettes that make it clear to choose from what needs you have. Volume is gray-green. Color care is pink. The humidifier is gray-blue. Styling is purple. (However, the E + 46 waxes fall outside the color category). In addition to the color codes, a speech code has been applied that indicates the effect of shine, volume and care. The higher the number, the more you want! The products: In E + 46, the ingredients are carefully selected and treated with a perfect balance between today's technology and the proud old Swedish traditions. The handpicked ingredients are all important for the care of the different hairs. All the nursing products are NOT tested on animals and, of course, are completely free of sulphates and parabens, making them extremely suitable for even the most sensitive scalp. Among other things, therefore, you should preferably stay away from sulphate in hair care unless you get very dusty and dirty during your working day. The sulphates are the source of dried and itchy scalp. They destroy the protective surface of the hair and wash out the hair's proteins. Sulphates do not distinguish between sincere grease and oil-based dirt and the protective fat layer that the hair needs to remain healthy and glossy. They wash everything away, leaving the hair completely exposed and unprotected to the weather and the environment at times harmful influences. Among other things, E + 46 is a great solution for a healthier hair and body. E + 46 ELEMENTS FROM SWEDEN in conjunction with Danish ** It is of course possible to buy the E + 46 products at The different series within this brand are effective in their own way according to the challenge and the needs. Some products can cover more of your needs. It may therefore be useful to click on the individual products on our website. In this way, there is a greater chance of choosing the right one for you. Our always helpful and virtually all-round customer service is ready to guide you further if you are still in doubt. Please note that we have absolutely incomprehensible short delivery times. E + 46 ELEMENTS FROM SWEDEN - WE.ARE.SWEDISH.