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Elizabeth Arden PRO
Elizabeth Arden PRO
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Elizabeth Arden PRO is a groundbreaking skin care series that sets new standards for what we can expect from our skin care products. #Professional Skin Care Series Elizabeth Arden PRO is the result of a collaboration between one of the world's most well-established cosmetics companies; Elizabeth Arden and one of the world's most innovative and leading skin care researchers; Joe Lewis. The visions of these products are to offer simple and effective skin care routines and solutions for different skin conditions. They work from a pyramid that simplifies the choice of products, so that with a minimum of 3 products it is possible to care for the skin optimally. Here, it is believed that with clean, serum and day cream, you can achieve the desired results. The products can be used by anyone regardless of the condition and age of the skin. ## Elizabeth Arden PRO products The series is not based on a single hero product, or a specific ingredient, but includes many amazing products that can create unique results. Some of the most sought after products are the delicious Peel Pads , which are available in different versions: - Skin Perfecting Peel Pads - Sensitive Skin Peel Pads - Hydration Peel Pads - High Radiance Peel Pads These Peel Pads are available for different skin conditions, but has the same purpose; namely to provide mild exfoliation using different types of oxygen. The small pads are incredibly user-friendly, which is also one of the reasons why they are so popular. Using Peel Pads, you will find that the skin has a very special and beautiful glow, and they will quickly become an indispensable part of your skin care routine. ### Become your own cosmetologist Elizabeth Arden PRO is widely used in many professional clinics and the products are loved by both the therapists and their customers. The idea of ??the professional products is that you get the treatment with your cosmetologist, and you can follow up with the sales products at home, thereby increasing the effect of professional treatment. Not to say that the products can not be used at home if you have not received a professional treatment first - this will only enhance the effect of the products. ### Do not Take The Look When Added Large Importance of these products must be extremely effective, a lot of resources are not used on the appearance of the products, and some may even be boring to look at. The series is in a completely neutral gray / silver color and with the classic red color, as we also know from Elizabeth Arden. Nor do you think much about it, so you will not find that these products owe luxury in the form of beautiful fragrances that can be scented on the skin long after use. The products have a little clinical scent, and it is the high concentration of especially fruct acid which will be the most prominent fragrance in many of the products. This is characterized by the products, and you will find that with Elizabeth Arden PRO you get extremely professional products that do not compromise on quality and, not least, the impact. ## Your skin will love you for it Discover the Elizabeth Arden PRO world and find your favorite products. Easy skin care with results that speak for themselves.