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Escentric Molecules
Escentric Molecules
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Geza Schoen has a long career in the perfume and fragrance industry. He wanted to deliberately provoke how fragrances are manufactured and marketed. He wants to demystify the whole process of perfumes and his idea was simple: launch two different perfumes at the same time where one has a synthesis of several different ingredients, that's the way most people today perceive the concept of perfume, and another where a single tone hailed - the aroma-molecule which has a specific personality of the synthesis. Simply put: Both perfumes are based on Iso E Super, while the first one, Escentric 01, uses this super-concentrated and mixed with other ingredients such as pink pepper, lime zest and iris incense while the other perfume, called Molecule 01, only contain Iso E Super.
Geza got help from two like-minded to launch the project, Jeff Louds who he previously had worked with on This Company when they developed several different fragrance projects. He also got help of Me Company who contributed with design and bringing out the visual for the unique nature of Escentric 01 and Molecule 01. The same team later went on to work with two additional scents - Escentric 02 and Molecule 02 that were introduced in April 2008. These fragrances were based on ambroxan - an aromatic molecule that's naturally identical to the key ingredient ambergris. This time, the aroma-molecule was vetiveryle acetate, a refined vetiver note. Subsequently, the work moved on.

The founder's thought when he created Escentric Molecules was to bring back the focus to the actual perfume. He thought it was way too much focus and emphasis on the style of the perfume. Escentric Molecules creates scents that are individual in a world where industry mass produces perfumes in gigantic quantities. Are you looking for a unique aroma and a well-made perfume Escentric Molecules is what you're looking for. Today there are three editions, two of each, all are unisex. They've also created a specific perfume for women and a specific perfume for men. All can be found at NiceBeauty at discount prices!