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Fredsted the Delicious tea in many varieties From idea to tea: Valdemar Fredsted, as young, became very interested in tea. He learned that tea existed in many shades and for different purposes. Interest grew, and at the same time Valdemar Fredsted found out that he had a sense of good business. He therefore founded the Fredsted house in Magstræde in Copenhagen in 1917 and began to transport tea to Danes from foreign and exotic places around the world. Fredsted showed great respect for the old tea traditions. At the same time, he tried to challenge the power of the habit, among other things, by exploring the teens' many compositional and new applications. He was therefore always looking for new tea, different mixtures and diverse expressions that at one and the same time could tempt and surprise the taste buds of the Danes. Fredsted The is characterized by constantly challenging teacups while maintaining respect for the old traditions. This is reflected in the wide range of classic clean teas in black, green and white - for many exciting mixtures of tea, fruit and herbs, for example. Ecology: Fredsted The has brewed on good experiences for more than 100 years and carefully mixed charity herbal tea, classic black tea, fruit for green and white tea. At Fredsted, they also rely heavily on ecology and have a wide selection of organic tea. Organic tea is controlled by the Danish Food Agency's rules and regulations. The idea of ??organic tea production is to take the most care of nature, the environment, people and animal welfare all the way from land to table. Ecology is on the rise throughout the world. Ecology is a solution and option for the individual farmer and consumer, as well as guiding the development of agriculture and for society's future management of natural resources, food supply and food culture. Fairtrade / "Max Havelaar Foundation": Fredsted The also offers Fairtrade tea. The company is committed to helping to change and change the world for the better. The labeling scheme "Stichting Max Havelaar" was founded in Holland in 1988. The aim was to create more equality and justice for the peasants in some of the poorest countries in the world while showing environmental and human and animal considerations. Max Havelaar is the name of a person in a novel of the same name. Max Havelaar was in fact the Dutch official and author Eduard Douwes Dekker, who wrote his autobiographical novel under the pseudonym Multatuli (Latin: "I've borne a lot."). In the mid-1800s, Dekker fought for farmers' rights in Indonesia, which was then Dutch colony. The book was filmed in 1977. First initiative for Fairtrade was taken in 1986 when Mexican coffee farmers explained to the Dutch development organization Solidaridad that development aid could become redundant if farmers could get a fair price for their coffee beans. Farmers would have trade rather than aid. Solidaridad took up the challenge and launched the labeling scheme "Max Havelaar" two years later. In 2002, the international certification mark, as we know it today, was launched and it initiated a gradual change of name to Fairtrade. Today, 22 consumers and 74 producer countries are in the scheme, and today there are over 1.6 million farmers and workers in the system. In 1994, the Max Havelaar Foundation was founded in Denmark by the Danish People's Aid, the Ibis, Interpersonal Cooperation, the Ulands Import, the International Workers' Forum and the WWF World Nation Fund. In spring 2009, the organization changed its name from the "Max Havelaar Foundation" to "Fairtrade Marked Denmark". Since 2016 it has become 'Fairtrade'. Fairtrade Denmark had the right to call social-economic activity in 2017. Fredsted The on Nicehair shelves: sells Fredsted The in various shades and at affordable prices. If you need further introduction to Fredsted The, you can click on the individual packages and read more about this. Remember, we have fast delivery. We also have free shipping if you can pick up your order at our Nicebeauty stores in Esbjerg and Kolding. Fredsted The - Enjoyment of the Present **