Good Hair Day or ghd is a well-known brand and many professional stylists first choice of hair straighteners and other tools. Their history is a tale of success like no other. It started in 2001 and after two short years it had such a good rumor the turnover was three times more than expected. Advertisement wasn't even needed for the products, they proved themselves anyway. Since then the business has bloomed and ghd have established itself as an important player in hair care.

Today ghd is leading on the market for styling tools and their products are loved by stylists as well as celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston to only name a few ghd users.
Ghd became history's first sponsor of styling equipment for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and is now an annual partner.

ghd's vision is - "you can do anything with your hair"
They have a wide range of everything from electronic tools, hair dryers and straighteners to products and accessories like sprays and brushes.
Their range is made for you to be able to easily make any hairstyle you want. By small means you can make any hairstyle and use the tools in several different areas. You no longer need to see the hair dresser to get cool hairstyles - get a good hair day with ghd! is an authorized retailer of ghd which guarantees all ghd products are genuine. We have a wide range of ghd:

Hair Dryers

The hair dryers from ghd Air are quiet and gives a result of soft, shiny hair. There are also hair dryers in practical travel sizes convenient for any trip.

Hair Straighteners

The straighteners from ghd V and ghd IV series tames every hair - even the most stubborn and coarse.

Styling & finish

ghd makes styling products such as hairspray, mousse and heat protecting sprays that are especially developed for your unique needs and protects the hair from the heat of hair straighteners and hair dryers.

Brushes & combs

Wide, round, oval, big, small, thick and thin - for all hair types. Get your favorite brush after your needs or after wished results.

Limited editions & package offers

ghd annually makes limited editions on all of their products. We have several exclusive straighteners and more on sale at good prices with special offers on package deals and single products.

All ghd products have a unique expression. There are tools in all kinds of colors from metallic to pastel to more discrete ones like black, silver or gold.

ghd Advanced Split End Therapy 100 ml
MSRP 38,90 €
Your price 32,40 €
ghd Air Classic Hairdryer
MSRP 162,40 €
Your price 155,90 €
ghd Air Classic Hairdryer kit
MSRP 181,90 €
Your price 175,40 €
ghd Air Diffuser - 3,8 cm
MSRP 38,90 €
Your price 24,60 €
ghd Air Electric Pink Hair Dryer (U)
MSRP 162,40 €
Your price 155,90 €
ghd Air Nocturne Hair Dryer (Limited Edition)
Your price 168,90 €
ghd Air Wanderlust Hairdryer
MSRP 162,40 €
Your price 155,90 €
ghd Aura Hair Dryer
MSRP 201,40 €
Your price 175,40 €
Ghd Bag And Heat Mat
MSRP 32,40 €
Your price 19,40 €
ghd Brush Copper Luxe Ultimate Brush Gift Set (U)
MSRP 77,90 €
Your price 71,40 €
ghd Brush Detangling Comb
MSRP 11,60 €
Your price 10,30 €
ghd Brush Narrow Dressing Brush
MSRP 24,60 €
Your price 18,10 €
ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Size 1 - 25 mm
MSRP 19,40 €
Your price 18,10 €
ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Size 2 - 35 mm
MSRP 22,00 €
Your price 20,70 €
ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Size 3 - 45 mm
MSRP 25,90 €
Your price 23,30 €
ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Size 4 - 55 mm
MSRP 27,20 €
Your price 24,60 €
ghd Contour Crimper (Limited Edition)
Your price 142,90 €
Ghd Curl Creative Wand
MSRP 181,90 €
Your price 155,90 €
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