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GlamGlow Hollywood Backstage Beauty Products GlamGlow Beauty: The products are designed to accurately target the focus areas you may want to go into. Therefore, they are designed for cleaning, care, moistening, tightening and transformation. You will see amazing results after a short period of time and your skin will look healthy and glowing as the name suggests. GlamGlow mask: There is almost a mask for any purpose. They all contain the amazing cleansing clay from southern France. In addition, each mud mask is packed with quality ingredients, which in their own way are justified in the mask. All the masks are of course without parabens and other harmful substances, which is almost natural to make the skin healthy. The masks are categorized in color according to effect. Most are unisex, which also gives men more products to choose from. - Black is Youth Mud Tinglexfoliating Treatment that exfoliates, softens and smoots the skin. - Orange is Brightning Treatment Flashmud, which provides long-term highlighting and smoothing. - Green is Power Mud Dualclean Treatment that combines oil and clay in favor of an effective depth that eliminates the dirt and impurities of the week. The skin is left velvety and delicious. - Turquoise is Thirsty Mud Treatment that is moisturizing, nutritious, smoothing and regenerating. - White is Super Mud Treatment that cleans in depth to solve the most common skin damage, such as increased pores, discoloration, impurities and irritations. - Purple is Gravity Mud, which is a peel off mask that stretches and smoots. The light of the day: GlamGlow was invented and founded by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore in 2010. The purpose of the products was that they should be targeted for professional use in Hollywood, the entertainment and fashion industry. The idea of ??the products originated in the couple's home in Hollywood Hills, where an actress friend called for a product that could make the skin ready for the cameras. Glenn and Shannon set out to develop products that could accommodate their actor's friends wishes and needs. The idea was, in the first place, that these products should be exclusively for their friends. They began investigating the market for possible ingredients and technologies. Glam Glow was created in the couple's own home. One evening, they suddenly got a phone call from one of the very big luxury companies in the beauty industry. The person concerned had received a product sample and, after use of it, had become quite interested in doing business with Glenn and Shannon. GlamGlow then went from being a friendship to becoming a global success. Today Glam Glow is not only found in Hollywood, but instead in more than 80 countries and more than 6500 stores, spas, luxury hotels, airlines and cruise ships. Glam Glow has won many different awards and gained significant patents on their technology, as well as gaining worldwide recognition for developing products that deliver fast and visible results. and Glam Glow: Of course you can buy Glam Glow products at We have what customers like and demand. We try to have your finger on the pulse, the legs firmly planted on the ground and an eye for customer needs. Click on the individual products on our website and read more about them. If you need some clarification or for a guide to the right choice, please contact our helpful customer service either by phone or by phone. mail. Glam Glow - Glowing and delicious skin for everyone