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The Gua Sha beauty rhythm is ancient and originates from China, where it is a traditional Chinese healing tool that has been used for thousands of years. Gua Sha is one of the most popular natural facials in Asia and is becoming a real rockstar in the beauty industry worldwide. Gua Sha is a tool for both face and body that is exercised regularly to separate waste and maintain a healthy skin and body. There are a wealth of positive effects on regular use of Gua Sha, so it's really worth a try: - Improves blood circulation - Provides renewed glow in the skin - Cells get activated and face regains elasticity - Reduces wrinkles - Reduces pores - Enhances the smoothness of the skin - Removes / reduces dark edges and bags under the eyes - Enhances muscle tone and tightens the facial skin - Provides a more uniform skin tone - Removes stagnated lymph and toxins - Gives skin a healthy and younger look Gua means "to scratch" and Sha means "Red spots / redness". It is a really effective treatment that gives immediate effect. The tools used to scratch are special Gua Sha tools. These Gua Sha from Holistic Beauty talks are made of crystals, mixing the effect with crystal healing. These Gua Sha tools are therefore all made of genuine high quality crystal crystals. The treatment The principle behind the technique is that you repeatedly scratch on an oil-lubricated skin area with a Gua Sha tool. You scratch in a certain direction, for example. from lymph nodes. In a Gua Sha treatment, tension eliminates stagnant energy and toxins that accumulate in the skin and drain it to our lymph nodes. The separation of miscellaneous accumulation and toxic fluids is seen as "Sha" or the red spots that can be seen on the skin after treatment. When working on the face, one does not use as hard a pressure as when using his Gua Sha on the body, as the skin on the face is more sensitive. There may still be a bit of redness on the face, but it disappears quickly again. On the body, you work a little deeper into the tissue so that redness and bruising can occur after a few days. The expulsion of Sha literally draws the stagnation from the inside to the surface and thus away from the body. Clear Results The Gua Sha ritual increases blood circulation in the skin where you use your Gua Sha tool. The increased blood circulation stimulates the detoxification process in the body, so we naturally get rid of accumulated waste. One will experience renewed energy and glow in the skin by regular use of Gua Sha. The ritual also has an anti-age effect as scratches strengthen the collagen formation in the skin, strengthens the skin's agility and reduces the visibility of wrinkles. The cells are regenerated by this treatment. Even pores will show less about the use of Gua Sha, and at the same time, your skin will become more uniform. Crystals' energies: Crystals have been known for thousands of years for their healing properties that help balance body and mind in different ways. Amethyst Also called for the faith stone. It has a cleansing effect on body and mind. The stone is said to have magical powers and protects modest energies and negative vibrations. To the power woman who needs an hour-out from a busy weekday, with more things than the creature. Ametyst is for you who need a little more gentleness and gentleness in your everyday life. There is always support to find, it has never been your intention to do everything yourself. Rosenkvarts Is the love stone above all of them, it stands for love, calm and harmony. Shields from radiation and poor vibration. It is one of the most used stones with mountain crystal, as it also works with all other stones. Rose quartz is for you who need to be a little extra good about yourself. For you who need to feel comfortable again in your own skin and body. Rose quartz helps you find the love for yourself. Gives you a calm and harmonious mind. Mountain Crystal Also called the divine light or the "stone over all stones", it contains all the colors of the rainbow, therefore its effect is also the multitude. Is a very cleansing stone that enhances other stone's energies. Mountain crystal is especially good for you who need clarity and focus in a world filled with too many choices, opportunities and requirements or for you who are in the midst of a new life change (eg, pregnancy) and need to gather you yourself, your thoughts and your energy somewhere. Gives the feeling that "someone" takes care of you. Obsidian is a powerful volcanic rock. It is used in crystal therapy as protection against pollution - energy, emotionally and physically. Obsidian is used for stress, tension and physical stagnation that occurs in the skin as a result of accumulated tension. Promotes creativity at all levels. Provides sincerity, honesty and deep insight into one's work and activities.