Helena Rubinstein

Helena Rubinstein was born in Poland during the 1870's. She was a polish-american who grounded Helena Rubinstein Incorporated that made her one of the worlds richest women. She was born in Poland in conditions of poverty and she moved to Australia to open up a store. There she blended cremes she claimed were imported from Carpathians. Business blossomed and the products became a huge hit. When she had saved ASD100 000 she took all of her possessions and moved to London to take the business internationally. The rest is, as the say, history...
Helena Rubinstein is one of the most luxurious skin care brands today and also has one of the best, luxurious spas there is. The products are of highest quality and the claiming that the cremes and products were imported from Carpathians are no longer necessary, the products speak for themselves.

Helena Rubinstein Collagenist Eye Care 15 ml
MSRP 56,60 €
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Helena Rubinstein Collagenist Hydra Cream Dry Skin 50 ml
MSRP 80,60 €
Your price 62,80 €
Helena Rubinstein Collagenist Re-Plump Eye Zoom 15 ml
MSRP 74,10 €
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Helena Rubinstein Collagenist Re-Plump Lip Zoom 15 ml
MSRP 53,30 €
Your price 41,50 €
Helena Rubinstein Collagenist Re-Plump Night 50 ml
MSRP 119,60 €
Your price 93,20 €
Helena Rubinstein Collagenist V-Lift Cream Dry Skin 50 ml
MSRP 106,00 €
Your price 82,60 €
Helena Rubinstein Force C3 Booster Serum 50 ml
MSRP 142,40 €
Your price 111,00 €
Helena Rubinstein Force C3 Eye Mask & Daily Care 15 ml
MSRP 76,10 €
Your price 59,30 €
Helena Rubinstein Hydra Collagenist Mask 75 ml
MSRP 54,00 €
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