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House 99
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House 99 ... David Beckham's offer for men's care products. Football player, style icon and trendsetter: David Beckham is one of our best and most beloved football players today. He is made of a very special and almost religious material that has made him a model and style icon for many people all over the world. Most feel a special respect for him, having been extraordinarily skilled in his field. The world's men and women look up to David Beckham because he dares to be his own and he does not care what others think of him. We have been fascinated by people who rest in themselves and who dare go their own ways. At the same time, David Beckham is a trendsetter. He has had incredible influence on the clothes and hair fashion. As soon as "Becks" came up with a new hairstyle, days did not go until the hairstyle went back into the streets of the world. Beckham has put both football England and himself on the world map. The trend-setting fashion model has made it natural for David Beckham to continue in the ball street after stopping his football career. House 99: The name is carefully chosen by Beckham. - House ... because he wants to create security and community for the world's men ... regardless of religion, culture and ethnicity. They should be allowed to experiment with their personal look and have the opportunity to change it as often as they feel for it. Beckham has targeted its brand and products so you can highlight the coolest, coolest and most creative hairstyles, and shape and care your beard as you want at home. - 99 ... because this year was landmarking in many ways in David's life. He won a hat trick with Manchester United ... Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League. That same year he married the former Spicegirl and the style icon, Victoria (Adams) Beckham. The first son of the couple was also born in this year. This eventful year was later taken on David Beckham's little finger in the form of a tattoo. The fire and the products: David Beckham is very enthusiastic and proud of House 99. It has taken them a long time and research has been done very hard to create quality products that can help you create the look you make wishes. In collaboration with Biotherm Homme, Beckham and his experts have tested laboratory formulas, selected the perfect ingredients, refined logo, thoughtful packaging and product names. House 99 was founded to give men the products and tools that are useful and effective in creating the right look ... so they can feel safer and thus rest more on their own. House 99 offers authentic and easy-to-use care routines for all men. The products are divided into hair, beard, skin and body care packed in delicious and discreet packaging. The products are of high quality filled with, for example, Spirulina algae and Guinoa, which is in the superfood category. Ingredients rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Ingredients that smooth the skin and give glow. Ingredients that energize the body and renew the cells, as well as ingredients that strengthen the hair and beard fibers. House 99 in house at At we emphasize that there must also be a large variety of products and tools for the man's routine routines. Your hair and beard are an integral part of making first impressions, so it should not just be completely contemplated. The products from House 99 are unique and specially designed to make it easy for you to create different looks, whether you want to go after the David Beckham style or find your very own style. Click on the different products on and read what they can do for your style. Our helpful customer service staff are always ready to guide and guide you if you need it. House 99 - It's not about how you look but how you feel.