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House Doctor
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House Doctor ... Accessories for your home. ## Bagom House Doctor: House Doctor is a family-run Danish interior company with headquarters in Ikast. Behind the company you will find three highly creative and highly trend-seeking siblings; Rikke Juhl Jensen, Gitte Juhl Capel and Klaus Juhl Pedersen. They all have a great passion for design and share the belief that beautiful home accessories promote joy in life. The three siblings have the sense of business and entrepreneurship. They have just started a clothing company and before House Doctor was established in 2001, they also run a successful utility store. Very unconventional for newly started companies, together with their many employees, they have actually managed to become a fast-growing Danish design success. The recipe for the great success is, among other things, their legendary and creative approach to materials and the design of products, a uncompromising eye for detail and quality, as well as the pursuit of constant development of elegant everyday products with a contemporary design. House Doctor Group also consists of the popular Meraki brand. ### Home Sweet Home: A home is about creating a visual tale about you and your family. House Doctor therefore offers beautiful designs of furniture and home accessories. Their designs are a good combination of versatile contrasts between the calm Scandinavian style and the cozy Bohemian expression. Add a modern item to your home furnishings with House Doctor products, and experience how to easily renew your story's story in an easily provocative, very personal yet completely informal way. House Doctors accessories embrace the entire home and are characterized by a fusion of great usefulness and modern style. All made in quality materials, beautiful tones, beautiful shapes and comfortable surfaces that add aesthetics and harmony to your home. 3 in 1: If you choose something from House Doctor, then there are several benefits to you. - Quality for money. - Danish design. - Stylish Scandinavian Expression #### House Doctor for Nicehair: At we are pleased to be a House Doctor dealer. Their stylish decoration for the accommodation is of the highest quality and to suit all tastes. At the same time, the products are affordable and versatile, making it easy to mix and match them to your own personal style. Click on and read more about the different residential areas. We strive to have House Doctors products in stock - the popular items sell fast and waiting times can therefore occur. See also Meraki products from House Doctor Group, as well as other home products by clicking on the links below. [Meraki] ( [Home] ( ##### House Doctor - A Lifestyle Universe of inspiration and experiences .