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Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo
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Jimmy Choo Floral EDT 60 ml
73,90 €
Jimmy Choo Floral EDT 40 ml
51,10 €
Jimmy Choo Man Blue EDT 50 ml
63,20 €
Jimmy Choo Fever Women EDP 40 ml
57,10 €
40,20 €
Jimmy Choo L'eau EDT 60 ml
73,90 €
Jimmy Choo L'eau EDT 40 ml
51,10 €
Jimmy Choo Man Ice EDT 100 ml
88,10 €
Jimmy Choo Man Ice EDT 50 ml
62,50 €
Jimmy Choo Man Ice EDT 30 ml
47,10 €
Jimmy Choo Man EDT 50 ml
63,20 €
Jimmy Choo Man EDT 30 ml
48,40 €
Jimmy Choo Illicit Women EDP 40 ml
57,10 €
53,60 €
Jimmy Choo Women EDT 40 ml
52,40 €
Jimmy Choo Man EDT 100 ml
90,10 €
Jimmy Choo Women EDP 40 ml
58,50 €
53,60 €
Jimmy Choo Women EDP 60 ml
80,00 €

Jimmy Choo is a Malaysian born fashion designer, now based in England. He was born in 1961, in a family who made shoes, which later became his way of life. It is said that Jimmy Choo made his first shoe as 11 years old. In 1983 he completed his education at the London College of Fashion. In 1986 he rented an old hospital building where he was designing his own shoes. Then his designs were quickly recognized, which resulted in him getting an 8-page feature in a Vogue magazine in 1988. Then it took off Jimmy Choo, which was only marked by Princess Diana pr. 1990 became a major consumer of his shoes, and they became known worldwide. In 1969 he founded Jimmy Choo Ltd together with an editor of the British Vouge, Tamara Mellon. In 2001, he sold 50% of his share in the company for 10 million. £, where his work since then, has been specially concentrated on the series called Jimmy Choo Couture.