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Sara Jones is a veteran in the salon industry. She began the stylist occupation but later transferred to become a teacher for stylists. Her career blossomed from the beginning and she held several top positions at several major developers and suppliers within the hair care industry. With her background Sara knows what hairdressers and stylists need and what they demand - which makes Joico unique. They work to offer quality products and education for the top ones. But also being loyal to the commitment to support the industry with integrity, honesty and passion - all for the love of beauty.

JOICO's mission is to give stylists and hairdressers the tool to bring out the best of every customer and do what they do best. They break new ground and pushes every boundary for the products used in salons and in your home to give amazing results. JOICO's slogan is TURN HEADS because that's their goal and mission. Not necessarily by creating crazy products for crazy results but trust-worthy products that work on every occasion.
With the attitude to not only listen to the big salons but also the smaller ones they've created a unique position on the market. To give and receive criticism makes for better relations and better products which everyone has to gain on - even you as a customer or user. The only thing which is unacceptable to even discuss is quality. JOICO won't make anything bad or something that doesn't keep a high standard. The products only contain fine ingredients from all of the worlds corners: shea butter from Africa, orchid oil from Asia etc. No distance is too long for the absolute best. They're constantly evolving and enhancing, not working with anything out of date but only working with new, innovative and simply better ingredients for better products.

Do you want hair care that are serious and knows what they're talking about - you're looking for JOICO. They seek perfection, the same as you.