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Karmameju Nectarflame For Her EDP 50 ml
93,70 €
73,00 €
Karmameju WISH Body Lotion 03 - 400 ml
46,80 €
36,50 €
Karmameju PEACE Body Lotion 02 - 400 ml
46,80 €
36,50 €
Karmameju Boost Balm 03 - 20 ml
17,30 €
13,50 €
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Karmameju HIGH Hand Wash 03 - 250 ml
17,30 €
13,50 €
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Karmameju Mount Fuji Light Grey 8-10 Yrs
66,90 €
52,10 €
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Karmameju Mount Fuji Light Grey 5-7 Yrs
66,90 €
52,10 €
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Karmameju Mount Fuji Light Grey 3-4 Yrs
66,90 €
52,10 €
Karmameju HOT Wardrobe Fragrance
10,60 €
8,30 €
Karmameju CALM Balm 02 - 20 ml
17,30 €
13,50 €
Karmameju CALM Balm 02 - 90 ml
36,00 €
28,10 €
Karmameju WOW Balancing Mist 03 - 100 ml
26,70 €
20,80 €
Karmameju WILD Body Oil 03 - 50 ml
13,30 €
10,30 €
Karmameju MILD Body Oil 02 - 200 ml
46,80 €
36,50 €
Karmameju HOPE Body Oil 01 - 200 ml
46,80 €
36,50 €
Karmameju SWISH Shampoo 02 - 50 ml
11,90 €
9,30 €
Karmameju SWISH Shampoo 02 - 300 ml
30,70 €
23,90 €
Karmameju LIFE Hand Lotion 03 - 50 ml
11,90 €
9,30 €
Karmameju RICH Hand Lotion 01 - 50 ml
11,90 €
9,30 €
Karmameju Fleece Blanket Grey 140x250 cm
53,50 €
41,70 €
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Karmameju Mount Everest Robe Grey Onesize
107,10 €
80,30 €

Karmameju - aromatherapy skin care and wellness from head to toe, for body and soul! Karmameju started with a thought in New York, and is now international and renowned beauty care, where quality and health go hand in hand with well-being and själaro. The name covers Karma, Mette and Julie. The concept of Karma is often misunderstood as a kind of port you may encounter. But in reality it is about cause and effect. It is a principle that describes how words and actions create the impression in our minds, the sum of our deeds. We can choose which way our life should move. This understood from 4 main headings; Knowledge, Motivation, Action and Assessment. This is partly due to positive or negative selection. Mette refers to one of the founders, so maybe it is quite logical that Julie is the other founder. Julie chose to go another way eventually. Mette Skjærbæk originally from Svendborg, Denmark. She became a model as a 16 year old, and has since traveled the world. With trips that background, the Mette created a broad knowledge about health and beauty care. Karmameju is pure, natural and active beauty care products. Danish, however, produced in England. They use only essential oils of the finest quality, and the purest and most natural ingredients. The products are biodegradable and contains no toxic substances at all. They use ingredients beyond suspicion or documentation of troubling linked to endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. The idea is that the products will complement the skin's ability to self-heal. Karmameju feel a responsibility for their products, among other things, have a therapeutic effect. This using different carefully selected essential oils, which quickly and easily penetrates the skin and then absorbed by the body, with benefits to the physical, mental and emotional level. ### Karmameju are divided into 3 groups; Group 1 is övergägande RECONSTRUCTION It s the most luxurious and sans league of fragrance series - harmony and balance are the code. Your positive outlook on life are supported and your mind is lifted! Group 2 is primarily reposeful The products are gentle and soothing. If you have a sensitive skin, are pregnant or have children over 3 months, so this is perfect for you .. and to all others who need peace and balance of mind and body. Group 3 is mainly ENERGIZING series is designed so that it relieves stress and fatigue. At the same time supporting the re-finding clarity and focus. NiceBeauty.se has a large selection of Karmameju products, such as: fleece blankets and bathrobes in the loveliest and softest quality. Scented candles and scented sachets wardrobe with the most seductive clean scents that promote wellness for body, mind and emotions. The candles are of course vegan friendly. * Beauty care for your face, your body, your hands and hair, giving a visible external performance beyond that also affect your inner positive. NiceBeauty.se puts great great price on Karmamejus openness and clear control of each individual ingredient in the products. Each product includes a detailed ingredient list, making it easier to review for you the quality and health conscious customers. Karmameju - "NO BEAUTY WITHOUT TRUTH"!