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Karmameju LUXE Balm 01 - 20 ml
17,30 €
15,90 €
Karmameju Boost Balm 03 - 20 ml
17,30 €
15,90 €
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Karmameju RENEW Age-Defence Face Brush 01
40,00 €
36,00 €
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Karmameju HEAL Calming Face Oil 02 - 40 ml
56,90 €
52,10 €
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Karmameju WOW Balancing Mist 03 - 100 ml
26,60 €
24,00 €
Karmameju KISS Calming Mist 02 - 100 ml
26,60 €
24,00 €
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Karmameju makes fantastic facial care products! Only essential oils of the highest quality are used. The oils are combined with active, natural ingredients that support the skin's own repair ability. It is not only the skin that receives care and care through Karmameju's beauty products - the soul and mind also receive a refreshment and are purified by the therapeutic aromatherapy of the products. All products are free of parabens, synthetic perfume, petrochemicals, SLS / SLES and sulfates. All the ingredients are biodegradable and non-toxic. ## Karmameju is a safe choice! Karmameju places great emphasis on precise table of contents on its products. Therefore, all products have clear descriptions of what ingredients the products contain. Nicebeauty.com offers the products OIL, HYDRO MIST, MOISTURISER and SPONGE from Karmameju's facial care series. - OIL can often be used in the evening so that the skin can spend all night absorbing the product. However, OIL can also be used during the day cream. - HYDRO MIST is a liquid and nourishing moisturizer that you can use during the day cream. If you need a refresher, the spray can also be used as needed during the day. The dusty spray can also be used on the body and hair. - MOISTURISER is a nice face cream that can be used both morning and evening. It is applied to clean and dry skin. In addition to the face, the cream can also be applied to the neck, neck, shoulders and chest. - SPONGE is a soft sponge that is perfect for daily cleaning. The fungus is 100% natural. It is made from raw silk fibers from the root of the Amorphophallus Konjac plant. The fungus has a high content of natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These ingredients cleanse the skin and stabilize the PH value. It can also replace cotton pads and wipes. All of these products are found in each of the three main groups. ## Karmameju makes it easy for you as a customer To make it easy and easy for you to find the products that fit your needs, Karmameju has divided the products into three main groups. Group 02 is especially recommended for pregnant women and those with particularly sensitive skin. Beyond this, there are not necessarily any rules. You can put together your Karmameju products exactly as you like. Group 01 - CONSTRUCTION - harmony and balance. Group 02 - Reassuring - calm and gentleness. Group 03 - ENERGY RENDERING - clarity and focus. We also carry a wide range of other products from Karmameju, click [here] (https://nicebeauty.com/en/brands/karmameju.html) to see the rest. ### Karmameju - a Danish quality skin care brand.