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Kerastase Homme is a manly series from Kérastase brand. This series is primarely for men and features products for adding volume, cleaning the hair and scalp, provides structure and many more. Other than that, it also makes your hair healthy, especially to those already suffering from specific hair problems. If you want to make use of this series, it will be a big help to get to know more about them. The Homme series is composed of a shampoo, wax, roll-on and paste.

Kérastase Homme Bain Capital Force Shampoo (Anti-Pelliculaire)

For those people who are suffering from having dandruff, the Bain Capital Force Shampoo (Anti-Pelliculaire) from the Kérastase Homme collection is a very good choice. For sure, it will really make both your hair and scalp much cleaner and fresher. This product is also very helpful in strengthening the hair. Moreover, you will be able to preserve the vitality of your hair. Your hair becomes more resistant to damage if you apply this to your hair.

Kérastase Homme Bain Capital Force Shampoo (Densifiante)

If your hair lacks volume, the product that you can use is the Bain Capital Force Shampoo (Densifiante). This shampoo from the Homme series will surely provide more volume to your hair. In addition to this, it also maintains the vitality of your hair. People with thin and fine hair are the ones who will surely benefit from this shampoo. After applying this product to your hair, you will be able to have hair that has fullness and more volume.

Kérastase Homme Bain Capital Force Shampoo (Energisant)

Another shampoo from the Homme series is the Bain Capital Force Shampoo (Energisant). People with normal hair are the ones who can greatly benefit from this shampoo. It is the one that cleans the hair and scalp in order for you to have not just beautiful, but also healthy hair. Moreover, your hair becomes much stronger because of this product. For sure, using this product will be soothing to the hair, and it will leave the scalp very clean and healthy.

Kérastase Homme Capital Force Amplifying Sculpting Gum

We also have another product from the series, which is called the Capital Force Amplifying Gum. This product is in the form of a wax, and this is most suitable for fine and normal hair. The good thing about this product is that, it is very easy to use that is why you will not really find it challenging to apply this to your hair. Styling your hair will not be a problem at all because designing and structuring your hair with this wax is easy to do. There will be no signs of the applied wax, and it is also very easy to wash out.

Kérastase Homme Capital Force Anti-Hair Loss Roller

A lot of people are already suffering from having hair loss, and actually, it is not something to just neglect. As soon as you can, you should be able to find treatment if you really do not want your case to get much worse. The Capital Force Anti-Hair Loss Roller is a very great choice to treat your hair loss problems. Using this hair product is very easy to do. After using the product on a daily basis for 6 to 8 weeks, your hair loss will be reduced, and the circulation in the hair follicle will be stimulated. You will be able to get the best results if you will apply this roll-on to your scalp.

Kérastase HommeCapital Force Densifying Modelling Paste

With the use of the Capital Force Densifying Modelling Paste, you will be able to have fuller hair. Aside from that, it also provides more structure to your hair. Making use of this product will not leave any residue in the hair. Of course, the most important thing of using it is that it provides the support and strength that are very necessary to make sure that you will be less prone to hair damage. For those people who want to style their hair all they want, this modeling paste will surely allow you to do so.