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When we talk about skin care products and especially sheet masks, we are not aware of the phenomenon K-Beauty or Korean Beauty . Look At Me are masks that come from Asia and they should not be missed. Sheetmasker Look AT Me is a collection of sheet masks for different purposes. Really many brands make the very popular masks gradually, and it's not without reason that they have become so popular. Sheet masks are super easy to use and give a beautiful feel to the skin. They are available in many different varieties and are found for the whole face, for the eyes, throat, lips, hands and feet. Sheet masks consist of either a piece of fabric, cellulose or soft hydrogel which is wet in the serum. The masks come in a sealed bag or package, so all the good ingredients and active ingredients are kept intact. The good thing about sheet masks is that the skin should not be washed afterwards, the product should only be allowed to penetrate the skin and then finish with cream. ## What is K-Beauty or Korean Beauty ?? When you say sheet masks, you also say Korean Beauty, or K-Beauty, as it is called in daily talk. But what is it really? It is a very special 8-step or 10-step skin care routine that the Korean women swear to, making them proud to be known to be some of the most beautiful skin in the world. It is a somewhat more comprehensive skin care routine than most people are used to, but the Asian women swear to this method. Do you want to know more? Then read here where the different routines are described: 8 step morning routine: - Step 1: Wash with water - Step 2: Skintonic - Step 3: Essence - this is a mix of toner and serum - Step 4: Ampoule - this is a similar serum but with several active ingredients - Step 5: Serum - Step 6: Eye cream - Step 7: Day cream - Step 8: Sun cream 10-step evening routine: - Step 1: Clean the skin with oil-based cleansing product - Step 2: Clean skin with water-based cleansing product - Step 3: Exfoliate the skin - Step 4: Skintonic - Step 5: Essence - Step 6: Ampoule - Step 7: Serum - Step 8: Sheetmask - Step 9: Eye cream - Step 10: Night cream This is of course a very true skin care routine, but this is where the knowledge of the sheet masks comes from and if we think it has grown big at home, it's nothing compared to what it's like in Asia. ### Wellness at home If you need a little self-pampering at home, you will not come across sheet masks in different versions. The voice must be in the top: Turn on some candles, muffle the light and put some fun music on. Be sure to have some comfortable clothes on, maybe a nice robe. Clean the skin and put a sheet mask on the face. Make a nice foot bath as you sit with your face mask and find a good book. Once the feet have been softened, they are removed from the water, dried and then fed into a pair of foot-sheet masks so that they can properly absorb the good nutrients. The hands can also be spoiled with a pair of beautiful hand masks, so you get pampering from top to toe. ## Sheetmask at Nicehair We like sheet masks, and especially those from Look At Me are fun. There are always new masks coming home, but already there are both masks for the face, eyes, feet and nose. Are you also a fan of sheet masker? Then see our ever-expanded range of beautiful, fun and amazing masks [here] (