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M2 Beauté
M2 Beauté
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M2 Beauté Innovative and high-efficiency cosmetics From vision to reality: The girlfriend Elke Moysies and Marci Marrek are the founders of M2 Beauté. Their visionary understanding and their great passion for beauty and aesthetics prompted them to quickly ponder the need for effective cosmetics with active ingredients. Their vision of creating products that optimize the natural beauty potential became a reality in 2007. Their first product was the Eyelash Activating Serum, which stimulates the natural growth of the eyelashes. The product was and is still a great success, where the results are quickly visualized. M2 Beauté is available today in more than 30 countries and is at the top of the hierarchy of luxury beauty products. Confidence and Quality: M2 Beauté Products, as mentioned above, are highly effective and are based on the latest scientific research in beauty care. The combination of active ingredients ensures maximum support for your natural beauty. Every M2 Beauté product has been carefully tested through long-term studies and documented with visible results. These comprehensive tests, of course, meet various dermatological requirements and the EU's strict directives. It is important for M2 Beauté that you get the most out of the use of their different products. In addition to the above tests and compliance with the directives, the products contain only ingredients with the highest possible skin compatibility. That is, the products are designed to best suit the skin's natural balance and needs. MDN: There has been a lot of mention in the media about the ingredient Methylamido Dihydre Noralfaprostal (MDN), as some have raised doubts as to whether this ingredient was a drug or not and whether there were the same side effects as with the use of medicine for treatment of green cysts. However, the form of MDN used by M2 Beauté has no pharmacological effect. For this reason, M2 Beauté has chosen to use MDN over other prostaglandin derivatives. There is thorough documentation for MDN by an independent institute in Germany, approved by the German health authorities. About 700,000 of M2 Beauté's popular Eyelash Activating Serum have been sold and there has been no single case of health-critical complaints (except for the application of application in some cases of particular sensitivity to the eyes). M2 Beauté can safely say that the products contain a cosmetically sound formula that women and men can safely use to get fuller and longer eyelashes and brows. A formula developed in Germany and approved for cosmetic use in the EU. and M2 Beauté: At we have a small selection of M2 Beauté most popular products. It is possible to read about the individual products' use and effectiveness by clicking on them on our website. Similarly, it is possible to read a little about what ingredients are in the different products. As M2 Beauté's products are quite popular, it may seem that they can be sold out and therefore do not appear in the selection. Should you have questions or need to know more about one of the products, please contact our helpful customer service either by mail or by phone. At we endeavor to be the customer's favorite beauty dealer, so we have employed staff with expertise and expertise in the various beauty areas. And then we deliver your orders crazy quickly. M2 Beauté - Beauty without boarders