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Marc Inbane
Marc Inbane
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Marc Inbane is a Dutch company that specializes in sales of luxury goods and cosmetics. Marc Inbane has really established itself, both on the national and foreign market, as they are a large distributor to the beauty industry. The story behind the company is quite thoughtful and not the least brilliant. The three founders Ingo, Bart and Nele do not reach their flights from Amsterdam, and must therefore wait for the next departure. This gives them time to study all the passers-by, who either have just come home, or traveling. They soon discover that there is a big difference, of those who just arrived, and which ones to leave. The people who have come home from vacation had a brilliant, healthy and positive charisma that affected their attitude and charisma. Whereas the people who need to travel was more indlukket and with poorer body position. The three founders could see that our hectic life, limit our ability sunshine hours, thereby making it difficult to maintain the beautiful tan suit. In addition, many are struggling with, remember sunscreen when they are out in the harmful UV rays. It was all this that gave them the idea for a product that would not be harmful, but should fit into a hectic schedule where sunshine hours were limited, and provide renewed energy and a healthy radiance. Given pasagerene who arrived from their holiday, there was no doubt, a healthy holiday tan, providing a healthy and positive charisma. The three founders took on the name MARC INBANE, by mixing their names I go, BA rt and NE le, and with it, a new fire cabinet D. 21 April 2012. products ** Marc Inbane is a luxurious series that includes everything you need to get a delicious, sustainable and healthy summer tan. These beautiful products are more than just self-tanner. They contain natural and nutritious ingredients, Aleo Vera and Ginkgo Biloba. They are dermatologically tested and completely free of parbener. With Marc Inbane production cubes you get a safe and natural nice summer tan all year round. The products are easy to use and leaves no streaks, and have a very fast drying time. You no longer have to worry about harmful UV rays from the sun and solarium. The products are amazingly and holding for up to 5 days. Marc Inbane is a sophisticated and luxurious product, you should not miss out on.