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Masque Me Up
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Masque Me Up ... Nurturing and moisturizing masks. Masque Me Up is a Danish company that produces masks for Scandinavian skin types. The masks are made using the latest technology in skin care masks. The ingredients are composed so that they compliment each other in favor of the most appropriate care for your face, hands and feet. ## Can you guess who I am? Masque me up makes masks for any skin care needs. In the range you will find not only face masks, but also hand masks and foot masks. The climate, frequent washing / bathing and other influences on our skin mean that creams and oils are not always enough. You can therefore give your skin a moist boost with a Masque Me Up nursing mask a couple of times a week. ## Lay your face in the right folds: The beautiful Masque Me up face masks are designed for different focus areas ... for example, you can get face masks for ... - the depths. - increased blood circulation. - Reduction of pores. - greater skin elasticity. - acne treatment. - increased moisture level. Follow the simple guide, sit back and enjoy the self-indulgence or make the day's chores while the mask works for you. ## Take care of things: Masque Me Up hand mask leaves your hands soft and well-groomed in just 15-20 minutes. The hand mask contains a specially developed hand serum, which is based on extracts that have a nourishing, healing and regenerating effect on the skin. The hand mask is based on 2-layer technology, which makes the mask completely airtight, so the nourishing ingredients can penetrate the skin well. ## FOOT OF LIFE: Masque Me Up Foot is truly beautiful, intensive and moisturizing footwear socks that in a short and relaxing manner provide well-groomed and soft feet. The socks contain a unique serum that works effectively on dry, tired and swollen feet. The foot masks, like the hand masks, are produced with a unique 2-layer technique that both increases efficiency and allows you to actually move around while the ingredients penetrate and nourish your feet. ### How to ...? Common to the use of the different masks is that, before opening, you just rub well over the entire package, so that the content is well distributed in the mask. Then wash the skin well with lukewarm water. Be sure to wipe the skin thoroughly before applying the mask for the recommended time. After finishing treatment, remove the mask and then slowly and calmly massage the remaining product into the skin. ### Active Ingredients: Masque Me Up uses powerful ingredients such as ... Propolis, which is naturally collected from honey bees. Propolis has strong antibacterial properties and is therefore often used on wounds and tears to combat infection. In addition, Propolis also has some other benefits, such as ... - Promotes healing processes. - Strengthens the immune system. - Fighting cancer cells. - Prevents and heals Herpes. - Stimulates blood circulation. - Seems antifungal. Witch haze, made from fresh as well as partially dried twigs from Troldhassel. Witchcraft is a well-known ingredient in skin care. It is filled with antioxidants and has a unique ability to remove excess oil in the skin. In addition, Troldnød remedies ... - varicose veins. - Heavy and tired legs / feet. - Edema. - Nightly lay cramps. - Swollen ankles and lower legs. - Anorexia. - Wound healing. Grape seed extract, procyanidine, is soothing and anti-inflammatory. At the same time, it can ... - Strengthen capillaries, arteries and veins. - Promote blood circulation. - Remove edema. - Restore collagen so that the skin becomes smooth and elastic. - Break down cholesterol. (in combination with vitamin C). - Protect your heart. - Treat allergy and inflammation. - Reduce and prevent varicose veins. - Improve memory. - Braking aging. - Reduce the risk of stroke. - Relieve premenstrual genes. ### Soft and delicious skin and Nicehair: At it's not just about charm, self-confidence and delicious hair. We take pride in being able to introduce you to various fantastic products, each of which can help you increase your well-being and beauty on several levels. Remember, however, that the inner beauty shines the strongest! ## Masque Me Up - Quality masks at user-friendly prices!