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Meraki Jar w. Lid Silver Finish Small
16,10 €
12,50 €
Meraki Body Konjac Sponge 13 gr.
9,40 €
7,30 €
Meraki Bowl Silver Finish
13,40 €
10,50 €
Meraki Deodorant Harvest Moon 50 ml
10,70 €
8,40 €
Meraki Hand Creme 50 ml - Linen Dew
15,40 €
12,00 €
Meraki Hand Creme 50 ml - Northern Dawn
15,40 €
12,00 €
Meraki Conditioner Silky Mist 490 ml
22,10 €
17,20 €
Meraki Conditioner Northern Dawn 490 ml
22,10 €
17,20 €
Meraki Nail File Grey 1,3 cm x 12 cm
2,70 €
2,10 €
Meraki Nail Cutter 8 cm
4,00 €
3,10 €
Meraki Marble Tray Beige 2x12,5 cm
26,80 €
20,90 €
Meraki Marble Mug Beige 12x8 cm
40,20 €
31,40 €
Meraki Toiletbag Doddy
4,00 €
3,10 €
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Meraki Mini Poncho Towel (Mkvr087)
26,80 €
20,90 €
Meraki Mini Baby Towel (Mkvr088)
21,40 €
16,70 €
Meraki Tray Frosted Black (U)
22,10 €
17,20 €
Meraki Sun Stick SPF 50 - 15 ml
20,10 €
15,70 €
Meraki After Sun Sorbet 200 ml
26,80 €
20,90 €
Meraki Sun Oil SPF 30 - 200 ml
46,90 €
36,60 €
Meraki Sun Lotion SPF 15 - 200 ml
29,50 €
23,00 €
Meraki Roomspray 100 ml - Rain Forest
20,10 €
15,70 €
Meraki Roomspray 100 ml - White Tea
20,10 €
15,70 €
Meraki Roomspray 100 ml - Berries
20,10 €
15,70 €
Meraki Kosmetik Bag Miral Black Suede (U)
53,60 €
37,50 €
Meraki Quiltet Travel Bag Small (U)
37,50 €
26,30 €
Meraki Men Hair & Body Wash 490 ml (U)
22,10 €
17,20 €
Meraki Men Shaving Brush
30,80 €
24,00 €
Meraki Large Mug Matte Grey 11x15 cm (U)
13,40 €
10,50 €
Meraki Mini Tote Bag White
8,00 €
6,30 €
Meraki Lip Balm 4,8 gr. - Lime
8,00 €
6,30 €
Meraki Basin 40 x 12 cm
17,40 €
13,30 €
Meraki Lipgloss 15 ml - Sandy Pink
12,70 €
9,90 €
Meraki Lipgloss 15 ml - Dusty Clay
12,70 €
9,90 €
Meraki Svamp Caribbean Sea
16,10 €
12,50 €
Meraki Silky Mist Conditioner 500 ml
21,40 €
16,70 €
Meraki Soap Ball Rose
4,70 €
3,70 €
Meraki Soap Ball Lemon Grass
4,70 €
3,70 €
Meraki Mini Shampoo 150 ml
15,40 €
12,00 €
Meraki Serum H 20 ml
40,20 €
31,40 €
Meraki Serum A 20 ml (U)
40,20 €
28,10 €
Meraki Cleansing Gel 100 ml
20,10 €
15,70 €
Meraki Shimmer Dry Oil 50 ml
30,80 €
24,00 €

Meraki Natural and organic skin care and home care products Danish origin: Meraki has been developed and designed in Denmark with regard to nature and the environment, for the purpose of, inter alia, the care and protection of the Nordic skin. Meraki's wellness and lifestyle products are created creatively with Scandinavian inspiration and with great love for all that nature itself is able to offer, for the pampering of both body and mind. Free us from evil: Meraki wants a pure result in everything they do. For this reason, Meraki has been in a hurry to develop care products that use the best of nature and hence, various harmful substances have been discarded in favor of delicious essential oils and organic oils and ingredients. Only added a very mild preservation. With Meraki, you get products with mild, active and nutritious ingredients, all carefully selected for their properties, documented effect and natural scents. Only natural natural perfumes, base oils and vitamins are used. Therefore, when using Meraki's products, you are free from harmful substances that interfere with the body's natural balance. That is, the products are based on clean and simple principles. - Without parabens - Without colorants - Without SLS - Without hormone disruptors - Only mild preservation - Natural perfume - Essential oils - High quality base oils From cradle to grave: There are two chemifri series for particularly sensitive skin: Meraki Mini for your baby and Meraki Pure for the whole family - young as elderly. Meraki Mini is a treat to your baby. The products are rich in especially moisturizing ingredients that usually care for your baby's sensitive and unspoiled skin. In this series, everything comes from shampoo and lotion to dustbags made of 100% organic cotton. The products from Meraki Mini have the blue wreath from Astma-Allergy Denmark, the Ecolabel Swan and the Ecocert brand. Meraki Pure is for the whole family. Also in this series there is focus on care for particularly sensitive skin and the products therefore contain lots of nurturing and natural ingredients, just like they are completely without harmful chemicals. Universal: The two most popular products at Meraki are Pure Oil and Balm. Both products are caring and effective, and can be used for multiple purposes and in many different places on the body. They are closest to universal care products. Pure Oil contains organic argan, sesame and almond oil. The oil has a beautiful and mild scent of orange and geranium. For example, the oil can be used for massage, eye make-up remover, scrub with Meraki salt, moisturizer for your hair, your lashes and scalp, as well as serum during your day and night cream to avoid clogged pores. You can also use Pure Oil for the prevention of red buds by intimidation. Balm contains organic timber oil, Sheasmør and Vitamin E, which add moisture and protection so that dry and damaged skin heals well. Balm can be used, for example, on ... - Elbows - Feet - Hands - Nails - Splashed lips - Eczema - Redding and healing of red tails. Meraki is available at Nicehair.dk: ** It is of course possible to buy the amazing Meraki products at Nicehair.dk and even at quite favorable prices. In addition to the above series and products, you can also buy accessories and accessories for your kitchen and bathroom. If you want to know more, click on the different products. It is possible to pay for ecology and quality when shopping with Nicehair.dk and remember we have really fast delivery and quite a lot of great deals. There is free shipping by picking up your orders at our Nicebeauty stores. Meraki - Soul, Creativity and Love