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Milluminate ... Make-up mirrors with light. _Super smart and highly practical makeup mirrors with LED lights that illuminate your face perfectly. The LEDs are located along the edge of each side, so they remove all shadows on the face and you therefore have optimal conditions for applying the finest makeup. Brightness and tone can be easily set using a touch button on the mirror. # # "" Mirror, mirror ... "Laying a nice make-up that seems easy and natural, requires some well-chosen products, a little technical knowledge and some exercise, as well as some great beauty tools ... and then it requires LIGHT Attractive light ensures that you choose the right colors for your skin tone so that you do not risk looking differently than expected when, for example, you come out in daylight. When it comes to the makeup process, it often happens that the perfect light is lacking in our homes, therefore it is an excellent idea to acquire a specific mirror for the purpose. The Milluminate make-up mirrors are designed to give the perfect light to your face while you make up. The LED light, which sits on both sides, removes dull shadows from your face, so you have the same starting point on both sides. It is possible to adjust the brightness as well as to adjust to cold and warm tone, so you can get a clear overview of the effect of your make-up in different light. A good makeup mirror is an indispensable and valuable tool. The smart thing about the Milluminate mirrors is that you can move them to any room you want to stay in while putting your make-up. The mirrors are also incredibly beautiful and decorative in its expression, so you can easily let them stand as part of the decoration of your home. ## LED, BETTER, BEST: There are many different types of make-up mirrors and in different price ranges. You do not necessarily have to choose the largest and most expensive to get a good mirror. However, it is recommended that you choose a mirror with LED light. Here you are sure that the light source is top-notch and has a long life. The LED emits a constant uniform light, as opposed to incandescent lamps, which can often become weaker over time. Some mirrors with light may seem dazzling to the eye, as the relatively sharp light sources are placed directly in front of the face. The great thing about LED lights on the Milluminate mirrors is that it can be dimmed as needed. The mirrors also, as mentioned, allow you to change the tone of the light so you can see how your makeup looks when, for example, you are sitting in the warm tones of the candlelight's romantic inserts or in the bright cold light of the fluorescent lamps hanging on it. in your supermarket. IT IS SMART! ### Buy Milluminate Mirrors at At we have an eye for the importance of details. Therefore, of course, we have the Milluminate mirrors in our large range of beauty accessories. We love when things get together ... and we must admit that Make-up and Milluminate mirrors do. It may be worthwhile to give a little extra to get the perfect makeup mirror for you. The great thing about Milluminate is that functionality and design are in great harmony. You get both the best starting point for a nice result and at the same time an object that decorates every bathroom and dressing table. WHAT`s NOT TO LIKE!?! Find the Milluminates mirrors and other beautiful beauty accessories on the following links ... [Mirrors] ( [Make-up] ( make-up.html) Milluminate - Perfect light.