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MineTan ... Amazing Organic Self-Burners. MARQgroup: MARQgroup represents a whole new world in branding, product development and marketing. Their diverse and complementary offers are driven by innovation, creativity and strategic intelligence. They create their own success brands and by strategically using their experiences, they also bring brand's brand to life ... whether it's fire development, product development, digital marketing or anything else. That way, MARQgroup is able to reach and resonate with the audience at each fire-touch point. The company is driven by the purpose, motivated by results, and is committed to performing and developing ideas that make people's lives better. MARQgroup are owners and creators of the most innovative brands ... including: MineTan. They strive to make life a little more beautiful for the customers and challenge the market by constantly renewing, developing and creating. It started in Australia, but now they take up the whole world of beauty globally. The foundation is science, research and innovation. In addition, their high-tech laboratory develops and manufactures products solely of ingredients and materials of the highest quality. MARQgroup is at the forefront of the latest beauty trends, and they are able to design and create products that are unique and provide a competitive edge on the market. Tan without sun: Back in time, we experienced that self-burning often left the skin striped or spotted ... no matter how careful and careful you were with the application. Today is a completely different talk. Researchers have developed self-burners over the years and have now developed forms that give a more even result. Self-burners are present today, like foam, sprays and lotions. The first self-burners gave a quick dyeing result. Unfortunately, the skin often became very orange, which is not very natural. This was because the code to control DHA's effect was not yet broken. Today, the researchers have broken the code and now have more control over your glow. For example, MineTan has managed to make self-burners where you can almost control the color of your skin. - 1 hour and your skin is sunkissed. - 2 hours and your skin is golden. - 3 hours and your skin has a deep and intense brown color. It is entirely up to you. You only take a bath when the desired color is achieved and the browning process stops. The products are simultaneously designed to accommodate and take care of different skin types and skin tones. The products contain neutralizing colors that work together with your natural skin tone to emphasize the color of your glow. MineTan's self-combustion formulas also contain ingredients that not only enhance your glow ... they also improve your skin condition! MineTan is one of the best self-tanning products on the market, and uses everything from natural extracts and botanical ingredients that hydrate and soften to nutritious vitamins and minerals that help fight acne and liver spots. DHA / Dihydroxyacetone: Self-burners have since they came on the market in the 1960s contained DHA. MineTan uses 100% natural DHA in all tanning products. DHA derived from sugar cane, DHA is a colorless sugar. It interacts with the proteins and amino acids in the outside of your skin to produce a golden brown color. This corresponds to the overshadowed apples becoming brown when exposed to oxygen. Ingredients with integrity: All MineTan formulas contain PETA-approved ingredients that nurture and protect the skin. Each product is free from parabens, contains 100% natural DHA and is vegan-friendly. Some of the beneficial ingredients are ... Aloe Vera - Extract from the Aloe Vera plant helps the skin with cellular renewal. It is also used because of its soothing and moisturizing properties, as the pH balance is the one we have in the skin. Aloe Vera contains many vitamins, including A, C, E, folic acid, choline, B1, B2, B3 (niacin), B6. Aloe Vera is also one of the few plants that contain vitamin B12. Phenethly Alkoholl - An organic compound, a natural aromatic alcohol with a floral fragrance. In nature, it is usually found in fruits and flowers ... such as roses, bananas, apples, oranges, lilies and hyacinths. It is used in cosmetics, like natural scents. Organic alcohol - Derived from sugar cane, which is ecologically grown. Ripe sugar cane is cut by hand and then through a mill to extract the juice. The juice is left in fermentation for 24 hours and then heated over heat to distill the alcohol. Rich botanical ingredients and multivitamins - All MineTan products contain naturally derived multi vitamins A, C & E and rich botanicals. These include Trold-Hassel, Rosmarin, Whales, Licorice and a wide selection of fruit extracts. Caramel, blackberries and black walnuts are used to provide a natural color base for the solution. Natural oils - MineTan contains a complex blend of natural oils, including Argan oil, Rosenolie, Coconut oil and Avocadoolie. These amazing oils add moisture and restore hydration, so the skin remains soft and smooth. Perfect match: Pale skin - Cold undertones. Looking at your wrists, are your blood vessels mostly blue or purple? Do you stay away from the sun because you want to be scalded in less than 20 minutes? If this sounds like you, you can still get a nice summer sweat. Your MineTan Colors: Choose Original or Classic Caramel. These colors are perfect for getting your pale pink undertones to become a sunbathing glow. It's buildup so it's getting deeper, the longer you let it sit. Bleach to Light Skin - Warm Undertones. If your blood vessels appear more green than blue and look better with gold than silver, and get rid of plenty of red lipstick, see your perfect tanpowder below. Your myTan color: Exotic European will be the best for you. It provides the best bronze boost for your skin tone. Olive or Dark Skin - Heat Toner. You are not affected as much by the sun's rays as your friends with light skin do, but therefore it is still healthier and completely harmless to use a self-breeder. Your MineTan color: Be Brazilian is perfect for you. It uses four different bronze zones to give the deepest summer color. Skin Conditions: THE ACTIVE SKIN CONDITION ... Slow up and slim your body while you get tan! MineTan Fitness is self-tanning foam designed for the active person. It is waterproof and it retards and slim while you get tan. It is formulated with caffeine and Guarana, working together to stimulate blood flow into problem areas where you want to slim. If you want to have a day-to-day tan, which is made to compliment the hard work you put in your body, let MyTan Fitness Workout Ready Foam become part of your lifestyle. THE SENSITIVE SKIN CONDITION ... MineTan Liquid Bronze Dry Oil Self Tan Foam is a toothbrush based self-priming foam made on amazing oils. Reward yourself with bronze-colored, hydrated and shiny skin in just one hour. The self-burner is immediately absorbed by your skin and encapsulates the moisture, so your skin looks velvety with a beautiful glow that lasts for a while. It is formulated with coconut, hempseed, jojoba, argan, hyben, grape and avocado oil. This decadent toothbrush mix prevents and treats the appearance of dry skin. Leave treatment for longer than 1 hour if you want more intense results. This self-tanner also prevents stretch marks and irregular skin. Good advice: Exfolier, read the instructions, apply self-tanning in the bath, take time and wash your hands well afterwards. MineTan and Nicehair: At we offer many successful brands with health-promoting effects. MineTan is no exception. We recommend MineTan to you because self-tanning is the healthy method for a golden skin. Sunbathing and excessive sunbathing are carcinogenic and are therefore not preferable. With MineTan you get a nice tan glow while your skin is cared for by the most exquisite ingredients. What's not to like ?! MineTan - A tan for every one!