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Miqura 2 Layer Foot Mask Socks 1 Pair
7,90 €
4,70 €
Miqura Butt Mask 1 Piece
7,90 €
5,60 €
Miqura Golden Glow Body Cream 150 ml
9,30 €
6,50 €
Miqura Body Scrub 2 in 1 150 ml
9,30 €
6,50 €
Miqura Shine Control Paper
5,20 €
2,60 €
Miqura Eye Mask 1 Pair
7,90 €
4,70 €
Miqura Lip Mask 1 Piece
7,90 €
3,90 €
Miqura Try Me Tips 2 Pieces
3,40 €
2,40 €
Miqura Rebuild Me Intensive Essence 35 ml
87,20 €
61,10 €

Miqura is a Danish-produced skin care series owned by Elsemarie Østergaard who launched this unique skin care series in 2015, specializing in natural products of the highest quality. Miqura has a great passion for care products, and has therefore focused on creating a series of effective ingredients that are gentle and gentle to the skin without compromising on results. Miqura has partnered with an exclusive silk manufacturer from Asia, specializing in silk skin care since silk fits all skin types. Silke is reminiscent of the skin's own structure, therefore, magically shows the ability to enter and find out exactly what exactly your skin is most needed to ensure the care that best suits your skin. The silk in the products is quickly absorbent and aims to work from the inside out. This causes the napkin to protect the skin from the inside and maintain the skin's balance. The silk contains serecin, which is an extremely complex replacement for serine, which is the skin's natural moisture source. This helps to improve skin renewal, so your skin will appear smoother, while increasing skin elasticity for a more fresh and youthful look. One of Miqura's products that means my cure is Miqura silk cocoon, which is a special peeling method that smoothes, moisturizes and cleanses the skin. These cocoons are used to put a cocoon on each index finger after being soaked in warm water. Then you peel your skin with your fingers for a nice and soft result. The story behind these cocoons is unique because the product is made in the most natural way you can imagine. Each cocoon is spun by a very special silk liner that is being looked after and cared everyday as they die at the least contact with pesticides. Therefore, these get special treatment so they have the best conditions for making silk cups while ensuring a 100% pure product. The larvae are fed with fresh picked and organic mulberry leaves that are finely chopped to make the larva easier to absorb the food. When the larva has eaten for 10-12 days, it begins to spin its silk soup. After this period, the larva uses a 2-3 days to multiply and put new eggs and then die, so a new process can start. Each cocoon is spun from a 1.5 km long silk wire, ensuring that you get one of the cleanest products in the market, as it is finally cleaned, dried and cooled and free of bacteria and chemicals. Miqura is a revolutionary concept that works to get the combination of effective care, sustainability and natural ingredients into a higher unit. This makes them super good and has been achieved, with an exclusive range of skin care products.