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Mood Wood
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Mood Wood - Environmental and natural mica. ## Decorating with wood: Makeup is most likely a solid part of your beauty routine. Looking back in time, we experience both differences and similarities in makeup trends. Some trends return - just in new and improved editions. One of these improved trends is, among other things, Mica and Glitter. Mood Wood today represents an innovative and environmentally friendly mica edition that really rounds off the perfect makeup. The hexagonal shape of the glitter - called "Diamond Shine Cut" - as well as the different sizes of glitter particles give the optimum reflection and mirror effect. Mood Wood is a great alternative to the polyester glitter that is on the market. Polyester mica is produced using heavy metals and since the edges are so sharp, the skin is easily scratched. Mood Wood Natural Glitter is made of cellulose from sustainable FSC wood. FSC is an international non-profit labeling scheme for wood and paper. They neither produce nor sell goods. Products labeled with FSC on products can be bought with a good conscience. You can, because in an FSC forest no more wood is dropped than the forest can now reproduce. At the same time, FSC is a guarantee that animals and plants are protected and that the people working in the forest are trained, get proper safety equipment and pay, which helps ensure responsible forestry. ## The benefits of Mood Wood: Mood Woods edition of glitter not only gives a beautiful finish ... at the same time, a lot of benefits come with you who appreciate sustainability and quality. Mood Wood is ... • in beautiful colors. • developed with care for the environment. • Made of cellulose from sustainable FSC wood. • 40% softer than normal mica. • for all skintypes. • In different hexagonal sizes that reflect the light absolutely stunning. • EU and FDA approved. • biodegradable. • help minimize consumption of micro-plastic and heavy metals. • vegan • 100% cruelty free. • non-toxic. • GMO free (not genetically engineered). ### Mood Wood Organic Primer: Be aware that Mood Wood mica should ideally be used in conjunction with Mood Wood Organic Primer. The Mood Woods primer is organic and specially designed to make your mica perfect for all day. In addition to being 96% organic and vegan, it is also transparent so you can not see it under your mica. Mood Wood Organic Primer contains an allergy-like formula, so you can use the primer on your skin with a good conscience. There is a small brush in the lid, which makes it possible to hit the desired area. Find the Mood Wood Primer [here] ( ** Once you've done your face clean and put your make up, then ... • Apply a fine layer of Mood Wood Organic Primer with the supplied brush. • Then drip on one with an edge brush. • Evaluate the amount based on the desired intensity and effect. Extract from the Papmaché rule by Hella Joof: "The glimmer rule is a little simmered to be grateful. It's beautiful, good and rewarding in what you have, instead of constantly looking for something else. And then is it about gratitude to get rid of all the other things you have to do? You must sprinkle the mica of the good and let the light shine on it and enjoy the sight of a thousand vibrant glimpses. Thanks and mimic. How to get used to it We are mindful of our brains, and it is very important to say thank you. People who are happy with their lives are always grateful. They are not necessarily rich, handsome or wise, though, of course, they help. They are the first and most grateful ". #### Nicehair funkler: At we burn not only with an inner fire ... we also really want to shine outside. Mood Wood is on our shelves as the product is not going to get lost. Mica and glitter have a very special effect. Our eyes are looking for what is shining, and we must say that Mood Wood does. Release your inner discodron or diva and dry a little more mood on life. Below you can find links to brushes, primers, make-up, things with mica: [Brushes] ( [Primer] (https: // nicehair .dk / makeup / face / primer.html) [glimmer] ( [Makeup] ( Mood Wood - When you glance at your presence!