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Murad Intense Hydration Kit
42,50 €
Murad The Hydration Heros
64,40 €
Murad The Rapid Renewers Kit
69,90 €

The founder of Murad Inc. is Dr Howard Murad who's considered as a leader and one of the best in research of skin care and as a pioneer within his field. He's celebrated as a beauty guru amongst the editors of Vogue and ELLE Magazine. Murad was the US first brand that was developed by an authentic doctor. His discoveries has changed our understanding of how to best take care of our skin and prevent acne, wrinkles and cellulites. Murad has patented 18 of their products and made great breakthroughs in skin care and treatment of skin conditions. Murad has at least 88 products in their selection for customers and 45 products especially for professionals that are sold in 45 countries around the world. They're leaders in clinical skin care ahead of both Sephora and Ulta. Murad have also won prices for their formulas helping millions of people with their skin conditions.

Murad started using Alpha Hydroxy Acids in their skin care series which revolutionized anti-aging products for more than 20 years ago. They've also revolutionized the development of including plants and fruits in skin care products like pomegranate, durian, wolfberry and yumberry.

Murad's skin care consists of 10 different skin care series where each on is adapted to different skin types and conditions. All is shaped in 3 step programs where each series has a specific color. The products on the other hand is developed in a way where you can mix and match the series to get the perfect 3 step program for you.

3 step programs

  • Step 1 - Cleanse, remove dead skin cells and reset the skins natural balance
  • Step 2 - Treatment, repair the skin and prevent damage
  • Step 3 - Moisturize, add moisture and protect the skin against external factors and weather

Murad series

You'll find 14 complete series and single products from Murad here. All of the series are color coded depending on the results you want

Age Proof Suncare

These gold/red products is sun screen specially made for those who also want the effects of anti-aging products. The products protects you from UV rays, age spots, skin diseases and wrinkles. The series is consists of waterproof products and oil-free cremes and supplements that helps the skin from the inside.

Age Reform

These purple products are for people experiencing genetic aging or the natural aging process. The products contain collagen and elastin that firms the skin and gives it a smooth look and surface.

Anti-aging Blemish Control

These blue products have both anti-aging formulas as well as blemish control for those who experience this combination.

Blemish Control

These blue products are for those who have oily or combined skin who needs to get the skin balanced and wants blemishes gone.

Body Care

The brown products from Murad are body care products specialized for the skin of the body. There are products for you who experience stretch marks, cellulites or loose skin. These conditions isn't necessarily because of excess fat but a skin condition that can easily be treated.

Clean Scene

These products are the colors of the rainbow and specially developed for young people who need to balance their youthful skin.

Environmental Shield

These orange products are anti-aging products for environmental aging. They are enriched with vitamin C to help skin resist the attacks of UV radiation, pollution and toxins.


This a make up series that conceals flaws on your skin and also improves skin health at the same time. They provide long-term skin care benefits as well as instant concealing and hiding of your blemishes and flaws.


This series for men are developed to treat the manly problems like razor burns, razor bumps, ingrowing hair and other side effects caused by shaving.

Redness Therapy

These green packaging is for people who needs to soothe their skin to get it free from rosacea, redness and discomfort. Irritated and sensitive skin gets comforted.


These yellow products is specialized for people who experience hormonal aging. After menopause the skin loses 35% of its collagen that is the main substance for firm skin. These products provides collagen and makes the skin firmer and younger looking.


These pink products are for people with oily skin that needs products to maintain a healthy and balances sebum production. Get rid of the oily T-zone with oil-free products from the Vitalic series.

White Brilliance

These white products is specially developed for people who want clearer and lighter skin. They clear the skin from colored spots and pigment spots so that you can enjoy an even skin tone.