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Nilens Jord
Nilens Jord
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Nilens Jord ... Old-Egyptian inspired and Scandinavian custom make-up and skin care. Nilens Jord is known to be the perfect sunshine powder in a beautiful little pottery, but in reality, the Earth of Earth is much more than that. Nilens Jord is also a complete make-up series and a skin care series. Nilens Jord is completely free of perfume, essential oils and parabens. Several of the products have even received the international stamp AllergyCertified, which is the consumer's guarantee that the product is skin friendly. ## "Earth's Creation" After many trips to the sun, Danish Lars Jacobsson became so fascinated by the glow of women that he wanted to develop a product that could give the Scandinavians the same sunshine glow without necessarily having to travel sunny break. Lars founded the brand Nilens Jord in 1982 after gathering Old-Egyptian inspiration for his sunshine powder. The powder was adapted to the slightly shinier skin tones and shades of the Scandinavians. After that, Lars got his good friend and ceramist, Emili, to design the small leather pieces, which are also included in the logo of Nilens Jord. The powder became a success in a relatively short period of time. So when Lars and his wife, Berit, decided in the 1990s to refine their product by removing perfume from it, it was with detained breath. They were familiar with the fact that many people do not like when changing their favorite products. However, it turned out, in this case, to make Nile's soil even more successful, as the quality conscious women simply caught the idea of ??missing the perfume. Nilens Jord was thus the first powder in Denmark without perfume and therefore groundbreaking for its time. Subsequently, Lars and Berit removed, therefore, also the natural essential oils and parabens. They made their powder attractive for people with particularly sensitive skin, as there was even greater chance that they could withstand the Nilens Earth product. Today, Nile's soil includes not only the popular sunshine powder but also a complete make-up series and an allergy-certified skin care series. ### Old Egyptian Make-up: Immediately research shows that virtually all Egyptians used make-up in ancient times and no matter what gender they represented and what kind of society they should originate from. Initially, it was most used in a medical aspect, but this eventually expanded into a beauty aspect as well. In recent times, researchers have wondered about the medical aspect, as the makeup was filled with lead and copper, but several researchers have learned that the application of the makeup actually had a healing effect for the immune system in that particular place. There are several writings that describe the Old Egyptian make-ups colors, content and application. Similarly, we can see the colors and the application of various sculptures from that time. Among other things, perfumed ointments and oils were used for body care and sun protection. In addition, they used okkerness powder as well as black kohl to the brows and eye contours. The green malakite was used as eye shadow. The makeup was stored in small beautiful leather pieces. The ancient Egyptian make-up was the front runner for today's mineral makeup and, as mentioned, the source of inspiration for the Earth of Nile. Mineral make-up: Mineral make-up has taken place in most women's toilet bags. It is composed of minerals and pigments. When applied to your skin, it warms up and becomes soft and creamy. Mineral makeup looks for your pores are not clogged and therefore helps in particularly sensitive and irritable skin. When using mineral make-up, a filter is created, so your skin can breathe while protecting against the sun's dangerous rays. In addition, it has really good durability and is also water repellent. ### Quality and Openness: For the Earth's Land is one of the keywords QUALITY ... that's precisely why they chose to remove perfume, essential oils and parabens. These do not add quality and are therefore unnecessary additions. Instead, the fire focuses on making quality products that work efficiently and keep what they promise. Nilens Jord is a make-up and skin care with a high focus on the ingredients. At the same time, there is a great deal of transparency. It is possible to read on the boxes what the products contain. In addition, the products include NOT ... - unnecessary ingredients, - perfume, - essential oils, - parabens, - MI preservation, - hormone disruptors. If you have confirmed allergy, ask your doctor to write down the ingredients that you can not tolerate. This will help you when you buy make-up and skin care from Nilens Jord, as all ingredients, as mentioned before, are illuminated on the packaging. Many people have allergies to traces that may occur in dyes. Dyes are written on the boxes declared, as CI followed by a five-digit number. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to make a makeup product that is tolerated unconditionally by all. It is individual what we tolerate and in what amount we tolerate it. ### Nickel: Nilens Jord has got three mascaraer Allergy Certified. The nickel content of Nilens Jord certified mascara is so low that there is very low risk of an allergic reaction ... even for people who already have nickel allergy. The nickel content occurs in such a low concentration that no allergic reactions have been documented at all. At present, Nilens Jord is actually the only makeup brand that has been able to live up to the AllergyCertified's rigorous criteria! ####Animals! It does not have to be an expensive game to buy amazing products. Nilens Jord sells quality products at very user-friendly prices. The company has chosen to keep costs to a minimum, thus the chances that more people may have the opportunity to use the products. Nilens Jord is not developed for vegans and does not intend to be a vegan fire, therefore there may be beeswax and other animal ingredients in some of the products. All ingredients are as stated on the packaging, so here you can read more. Nile's soil does not allow animal testing, and according to legislation, this has also been banned. ### In good land at Nilens Jord is of course found in's wide range of quality products. We have chosen to sell Nilens Jord, as the products are as trustworthy as they are effective. At we are committed to offering products that meet your expectations, wishes and needs. We make a lot of products that cater for particular sensitivity, as we are aware that it can cause major genes when you are allergic and / or allergic. ## Nilens Jord - Makeup and skin care with attitude.