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Nivea Men Dry Impact Roll-On 50 ml
5,40 €
3,20 €
Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash 100 ml
6,70 €
5,40 €
Nivea Men Dry Impact Spray 150 ml
5,40 €
3,20 €
Nivea Men Dry Fresh Spray 150 ml
5,40 €
3,80 €
Nivea Dry Fresh Female Spray 150 ml
5,40 €
3,80 €
Nivea Men Dry Fresh Roll-On 50 ml
5,40 €
3,20 €
Nivea Dry Fresh Female Roll-On 50 ml
5,40 €
3,20 €
Nivea Nourishing Body Milk 250 ml
6,70 €
5,40 €
Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream 200 ml
6,70 €
5,40 €
Nivea Creme 150 ml
5,40 €
4,00 €
Nivea Refreshing Wash Gel 150 ml
8,10 €
4,80 €
Nivea Dry Comfort Roll-On 50 ml
5,40 €
3,20 €
Nivea Men Creme 150 ml
6,70 €
5,40 €
Nivea Smooth Caring Body Lotion 250 ml
6,70 €
5,40 €

Nivea ... Iconic skincare products. Do you know that certain scents can trigger lovely memories from a bygone era ??? Nivea is one of the scents that reminds many people among others ... - The baby. - Child's play. - Bath before bed. - Mother's loving embrace. - Grandma's presence. - Warm summer evenings. - Family trips to the beach. It is certainly not without reason that Nivea can help create wonderful memories. For more than 100 years, Nivea has contributed to your well-being through well-founded skincare, whose purpose is to give the skin exactly the ingredients it needs so you can feel well-groomed and beautiful… regardless of skin type and requirements in terms of culture, gender and age. ## Snow White: In 1911, Dr. Isaac Lifschütz an emulsifier, Eucerit, who managed to bind oil and water together. Professor and dermatologist, Paul Gerson Unna, was very excited about Lifschütz's work. He arranged to present Lifschütz to the co-founder of Beiersdorf, the chemist Dr. Oscar Troplowitz. This one immediately saw the potential of using the emulsion in a cosmetic skin care product. The product turned into Nivea, which translated from Latin means "Snow White" ... exactly as the cream appeared the very first time ... and continues to do so to this day. ## Nivea's philosophy: The foundations at Nivea are built around the philosophy of creating skin care products that enhance your skin's natural properties so that it looks healthy and beautiful. This is also done on the basis of a holistic view that the skin, in addition to being influenced by our diet and state of mind, also connects us to our surroundings, for example through various touches. The goal of Nivea skincare is therefore ... to make your skin look and feel soft and delicious, so that your sense of well-being increases and thus impedes the desire to enjoy life with other people. ### Positive Impression: Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the development of Nivea's popular formulations. The company therefore has some ambitious goals that, although their products must be among the best in the market, the processes must have the least impact on the environment. In this connection, Nivea collaborates with, among other things, various green organizations to constantly find new ways to create positive impressions on Mother Earth. In other words… Nivea creates skin care that is just as good for the environment as it is for your skin. ### Customize your skin care: Nivea has developed the skin care products so you can hand-pick the products according to your skin type's individual needs. It is therefore essential that you know the exact type of your skin before you can select the most beneficial products… - Normal skin is the near perfect skin without quite a lot of challenges with oiling or dryness. This type of skin is in fine moisture balance and can be kept soft and healthy with a gentle cream or lotion for daily care. - Dry skin is rough and sometimes itchy, requiring sustained care for rich creams and masks that restore the protective lipid layer. NOTE! Very dry skin requires intensive protective care. - Sensitive skin is often characterized by redness and irritation, which need gentle PH neutral care products, which both stabilize the moisture content and protect the skin from further irritation. - Mature skin has lost some of its tightness and elasticity, which means that the skin therefore needs products that can tighten and ensure regeneration. Nivea provides effective and safe care products for him and her regardless of age. ### N&N: does not get around Nivea's popular products ... nor do we want to ... because Nivea has constantly managed to develop their products for the better and does so with regard to environmental needs and requirements. ## Nivea - Skin Care Throughout Life!