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OrganiCup Mestruationskop Mini
24,10 €
20,00 €
OrganiCup OrganiWash 75 ml
6,60 €
5,10 €
OrganiCup OrganiWipes 10 Pieces
5,20 €
4,20 €
OrganiCup Menstruationskop B
24,10 €
17,30 €
OrganiCup Menstruationskop A
24,10 €
17,30 €

OrganiCup is a Danish company which was founded in 2012. OrganiCup has developed a menstrual cup that can readily be used by all. This natural cup is a greener, healthier and more economy friendly alternative to the benefit of both pads and tampons. Koopen developed in 100% medical grade silicone and is derfeor anti-bacterial and ultra-hygienic and hypoallergenic. While the tampon and also arbsorberer all the natural and necessary liquids, then collects OrganiCup only menstrual blood. It eliminates irritation and dryness, while the body's natural pH balance is not affected. The cup can be used for up to 12 hours at a time and therefore makes it an easy and convenient choice in everyday life. OrganiCup usually need only emptied twice a day and is therefore also perfect for sports and an active lifestyle. It is even possible to both swim and bathe with ease. There has been attached great importance to the green, environmentally friendly, and therefore the cup specially designed to be used for up to 10 years and saving our environment for a lot of waste. OrganiCup is primarily designed for you the user, and therefore developed a special soft material which ensures you the ultimate comfort. The stem is provided with grooves which ensure a quick and easy removal, and may further be adjusted in length by simply cutting it shorter. The strong silicone edge at the top of the cup makes deployment easier and adapts to the body perfectly. The packaging signals like the rest of the product simplicity and sustainability and receiving the product of a breathable and unbleached cotton bag suitable for storage of the cup when not in use. The box is made of 100% recycled cardboard, where the user manual is printed on the back which saves a lot of paper and make that size is small and compact and easy to carry. A healthier, easier and greener alternative.