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Origins World's First Exclusive Natural Skin Care and Cosmetics Origin: Visionary beauty chemists and plant scientists studied in the 80s how traditional medical recipes had used the plants' own forces and what role they would have for the 21st century opportunities to solve skin claims. They combined the old formulas with new advanced technology, which Origins among other things is a result of. Origins has 27 laboratories worldwide with international research teams consisting of more than 100 researchers who have the task of identifying the best possible ingredients and ensuring the best possible applicability for the skin. Logo: Origins logo with two trees has roots in nature. Trees provide both shelter and life. The trees in the logo symbolize Yin and Yang at the same time. - Nature's power and science's evidence. - Respect for the past, combined with the visions of the future. - The inner and outer beauty. - From the depths of the earth to the heights of heaven. - The cultures of East and West meet. - The man and the woman in a beautiful association. One does not exclude the other. A combination of opposites creates harmony and vital relationships between people and the earth. With and Outside: Origins contains some of the world's most effective plants, each having a positive and healing effect on the skin. They call many of these plants for therapeutic plants, as they interact differently and affect the condition of the skin and the mind. There are 100% essential oils in Origins products and they are all organic certified. Origin's environmentally friendly manufacturing and packaging processes also utilize renewable energy resources. _ Origin products are of course NOT harmful substances, such as Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol and Animal Substances. Products are NOT tested on animals but on volunteer test subjects. Pay it forward: Since 1990, Origins has provided some of their success, good luck to charity purposes. For example, they have donated millions of dollars for the benefit of both humans, animals and nature. Origins respects the natural resources of the earth and returns to nature, for example through the "Plant a Tree" project, which has helped plant more than 1.25 million trees. Mission: Origins mission is to develop products that are both effective, based on naturalness and enhanced by the natural forces of nature, as well as supported by science's evidence. At the same time, they undertake to protect our land, its resources and all living beings. The core values ??of Origins are growth, renewal and endless possibilities. Origins and Nicehair.dk: At Nicehair.dk we have Origins products in our range. We experience that more and more customers go into ecology and naturalism. It is increasingly emphasized that the content is both effective and without additives. The good thing about Origins is that the products can also be used by people who are particularly sensitive to, for example, perfumes and additives. Click on the different products on our website and read more about what they each benefit. If you need further information, you are welcome to contact our skilled customer service staff who will try to answer, guide and guide you best. Nicehair.dk also has fast delivery and at pickup in the two NiceBeauty stores there are no shipping costs. Origins - A promise of purity